Getting married while in PT School?

Hello everyone! I am newly engaged, and my fiance and I were planning on having a very long engagment and not get married until I'm out of PT school. I just got accepted into PT school which will start in August, and won't be done until May of 2015. Now that I have the ring on my finger, I want to start planning and get married after my first year of PT school (May 2013). However, all I have heard from people is how intense and rigorious the first year of PT school is, so I'm worried I would be completely overwhelmed with school plus planning a wedding. I have ample amount of free time this spring and summer though, so if I get a lot of the main stuff planned and organized before I start school I'm thinking I should be fine. Any suggestions?

Re: Getting married while in PT School?

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    Honestly, wedding planning doesn't have to be that stressful, no matter how intense the other stuff going on in your life is.  Nothing you're going to be doing (except maybe working two full-time jobs at once?) is going to be so terrible that you can't wedding-plan on top of it.  I have plenty of friends who planned their weddings during law school and med school- both also, obviously, famously intense and rigorous.  :)

    Mostly I'm just curious why you suddenly decided you wanted to have the wedding two years sooner than you had originally planned? 

    And congrats on your engagement!
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    Is your FI out of school? Could he take up some of the planning stress?
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    I'm graduating from PT school in May (yay!). I will be getting married next year because my fiance is finishing school... However, people in my class got married after both the first and second years. In my program, 1st year was not so difficult, but second year was really really tough. It really depends on your program's schedule and also your clinicals. You will have less time for planning while you are in the school part because of the amount of outside studying required. However, once you start clinicals, you have a more regular "9-5" (ish, depending on the site) schedule and you will have your weekends, etc. for planning.
    If you use the free time you have now, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to have your wedding during PT school. You should also try to ask current students in your program because they will be better able to tell you when the hard semesters are.
    Good luck, and congrats on joining the PT club! It's a great profession and one of the best decisions I ever made :)
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    I think wedding planning is what you make of it.  I am planning a wedding while finishing my PhD.  My fiancee (a Master's student) helps out a lot.  My dad made all of the favors and is making the card box.  If people are willing to help, let them.  I think planning a wedding and going to school has made me more efficient.  Getting married is motivation for me to finish.  It gives me something to look forward to and makes schoolwork a lot easier.
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    I got engaged in September and will graduate with my masters in OT in a few weeks. I did the basics of the planning while still in school.. things like the venue, the date, the caterer, the dress. I saved some of the other things I would consider "minor" for our wedding until after I graduate, like the cake, florist (we're not having very many flowers), etc. I didnt really feel any real stress while planning and finishing grad school. In fact, it was really nice to have something to divert my attention to at times that was way different from school. But I say go for it if its what you both want! :)
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    I will be getting married in August this year and I won't be graduating with my Masters until December '12. Like other people have mentioned, the stress will be what you make it. I kind of like planning for the wedding when I need a break from studying, and vice versa.I think the hardest part is budgeting.
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    Thank you guys so much for the advice! After talking to some people in my program, my parents, and hearing what you have to say we have decided to get married in the summer of 2013! I am sure I wont become overwhelmed, and of for some reason I do, I have many many people who are willing to helpe out.
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