A simple mistake =)

I'm sorry - a friend of mine actually logged in and asked this question on my computer thinking it was her account, but it was miine! However, the below response was noted and I'm sure that she'll respond if she wants to. Sorry for the confusion! =)

Re: A simple mistake =)

  • All of these things depend hugely on other things,  Like, car insurance and car maintenance depends on what kind of car you have (also on whether you even need a car- and if you don't, you then need to calculate the cost of public transportation in your area).  Health insurance depends on what kind of job you have, what kind of insurance you had before, what, if any, health conditions you have, whether you're eligible for medicaid, etc.  Rent (and renter's insurance) depends on what type of place you're renting.  For my job, I have to wear suits every day, which means a high monthly dry cleaning bill.  My friend who's a nurse, on the other hand, can just throw her scrubs in the washer.  Are you living in a place with gas or electric stoves?  Gas or electric heat?  Central A/C or window units?  Do you have any health or dental issues that need regular treatment?  Are you trying to conceive, or will you need contraception?  Do you want/need cable TV?  Wireless internet?  Do you have loans that need to be repayed (student, credit card, or other)?

    Typically, this sort of stuff needs to be calculated the other way- i.e. you start with how much money you're making, and you work out what you can afford, not the other way around.  Have you considered asking your parents how much they're paying now to cover your expenses?

    I'm kind of concerned for you, in the sense that it sounds like you're maybe in a bit over your head.  Have you considered talking to a financial planner? 
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