LDR...Just missin' my man

I just wondered if anyone else got to see their FI over spring break? I did for 12 days and it was wonderful, but he had to go back on Saturday. I miss him so much already.

Any other LD couples: What did you do over break? WR? NWR?

We registered for items at Target, and that was fun! Other than that, we did a lot of random stuff and filled out applications for job hunting.

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Re: LDR...Just missin' my man

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    I just wanted to give you all virtual hugs. FI and I were LDR for 3 years and it sucked. We made it though! I hope you all get to see your boys soon! And remember, every day is one day closer til you see each other again!

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    my FI and I have been on and off LD for 4 years. We're so ready to be together! We went to Disney for the weekend. It was so much fun!
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