Any pharmacy techs out there?

Hey everyone! I'm going for my Pharmacy Tech certificate and planning for my june 2013 wedding! Anyone else going for Pharmacy Tech? :)
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Re: Any pharmacy techs out there?

  • I'm in pharmacy school working on my Pharm. D. now.  I work as an intern/tech part time.  I'm not sure exactly what Pharm Tech certification is like, but I bet it's a lot of work!  Best of luck to you guys, and happy studying!

  • I got certified last year as a pharmacy tech. :) I took evening classes so it worked pretty well with my schedule, good luck with the program. It's not too intensive minus having to memorize the names of drugs.
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  • I'm a pharm tech, but didn't have to go to school for it... is it just a state regulation where you are or something?
  • That’s a good call. Pharmacy tech is a good career to be in from all points of view – job security, future growth prospects, compensation, etc. Even training requirements are not very stringent. In fact, on paper, there are no formal training requirements to become a pharmacy tech. But there seems to be a preferential hiring of candidates who have completed postsecondary pharmacy technician training and have the PTCB or other certification. So, it's a good idea to complete your training before putting yourself in the job market.


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