Failing! :-(

So, my grad school program is structured so that we go to school for 3 years and 1 semester for a Masters in Social Work and we take ONE class at a time, two classes a semester.

For some reason, I just can't 'get it together,' ya know? It's not due to wedding planning, we are planning a two year engagement, I have no excuse.

I do have medical problems and so have some legit reasons but just wanted to vent and I am sure you guys can understand. I am determined to NOT fail!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Failing! :-(

  • You can do it! Just set some time aside, get organized, make a list of the things you need to do and realize that you've got this!

    It's going to be okay. Keep your chin up!

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  • I definitely understand. I'm not really in danger of failing, but some anxiety issues that I have are just starting to come out right around crunch time. They are sort of panic attacks, and it's next to impossible to get work done. It could definitely mean the difference between an A/B grade or a C/C- grade. Good luck, hopefully it's almost over.
  • Can you set aside time to just "veg" or "relax" every day? When I was feeling burnt out it was hard to get work done but I felt guilty "doing nothing." It might help to set aside an hour or half an hour every day to do something just for fun or to relax, like taking a bubble bath or watching a favorite TV show. Once the time limit is over, you've recharged your batteries and can work with more focus.

    Good luck with everything!
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