I need your advice girls!!!!???

My fiance and I are both working fulltime, in school full time, AND in the Army National guard and doing 6 hours of ROTC training a week. We have 3 semesters left until we graduate after we complete this fall semester. We have our wedding date set for August 2011 BUT!! we BOTH feel so overwhelmed with everything we have going on that we are wondering if we should postpone the wedding until the summer of 2012 instead?????? What do you guys think?

Part of me thinks that we are ALWAYS going to have something going on so why wait, but part of me is thinking we are going to go to Mexico, get married, spend our honeymoon in Mexico and then come back and start back to the hectic schedule 10 days later...??=/

We have been together four years tomorrow and have lived together 3 so I don't know how different being married is really going to feel but I envision wanting to come back from the honey moon and enjoy being married not stressing about my new classes!??

Please give me your thoughts!!Embarassed

Re: I need your advice girls!!!!???

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    Well I was in your situation (as far as being piled up with a bunch of things and attempting to have a wedding in August 2011) but decided to shoot for July 2012 instead. Only you can make the decision and you need to sit with the hubby and go through the pros and cons of each. I definitely think it is better to come back MARRIED and not have to worry about classes. LOL. With that being said, sit down. Soul search and do what your heart tells you. There is no rush. But on the other hand...if you go with AUGUST next year this time you will be MARRIED :) 
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    It sounds like you are really busy! I think you should push it back just so you don't go crazy. And from your post it seems like you will be much happier if you move it back.

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    No worries about the date. Push it back and they will understand. I told everyone August 2011. I pushed it back to July 2012 and they were regular about it. All will be well! Best of luck with your decision. 
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    Ok great! =) Thanks again!! I am so glad to talk to someone who has done it. I really think I have stressed about it too much!
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    If it would be easier for both of you in the long-run, going ahead and making that decision can do nothing but positive things for you guys! :) I agree that you should go ahead and postpone just a little while. I know it sucks to have to do it because it wasn't "the plan" but you will be thankful for that later. You could have more time to plan without the stress - that is why we pushed our date back so far as well! (Not exactly why, but for the less-stress planning.) We are still getting married in the middle of one of my semesters of my M.Ed, but I have wayyy more time to get things done slowly. :)

    Good luck!
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    You will still be stressed whether you get married sooner or later.  Doing it later though means you can save more and allows you more time to plan.  Like you said, you're always going to have something going on whenever your wedding is.  You'll always have to work and after graduation you'll have to move and/or find a job and pay back loans, etc.  Its not like there will be a stretch of 6 months where you can focus ONLY on the wedding.  I just hope that it isn't a huge downer for you to realize this if you do push it back and still have just as much to deal with.

    Have your wedding in August.  You'll manage to fit everything in even if you are stressed to the max while doing it.  Stress is a good motivator.  (And getting all those wedding gift/checks might ease the work and finance burden afterward. ;)
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