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Graduation and Wedding VENT

I don't post often, and especially not on the student board... but it would be really nice to get feedback from you guys since more than ever you know what kind of struggle this must be..

I graduate in less than a month.. and I am having a nightmare last semester on top of all the normal term projects.  I work part time... and my Wedding is in late June... so I am getting into the crunch zone...

Fi has worked really hard at keeping me zen, and telling me to not think wedding until I have time, after graduation.. and that a month is pleanty of time to tie up the loose ends that I have, and finish the DIY that we have.  I believe him.. and logically, I know I have the time.

However last night one of my friends started to guilt trip me about how little wedding stuff I had got accomplished lately.. and I was shocked... I have had panic attacks over time and getting things done and graduating and she had the nerve to tell me I have been slacking...

UGHHHH Graduation is important to me.. finishing this degree comes before the wedding, I'm sorry... FI will wait, he understands, I need the degree... but seriously, guilting the girl who only sleeps 5 hours a night already because of school and work and telling her to focus on the wedding... RUDEEEEE

Do you guys have any friends or family like this? How are you keeping your zen?
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Re: Graduation and Wedding VENT

  • What an awful friend?!?!

    I do not personally have any friends like that, so I'm only feeling my own pressure.

    I would be majorly upset if a friend were anything like that....why would she do that instead of, oh, idk, offering to help??  
    I'm sorry to hear that, and I'm definitely on your side.
  • I would just tell your friend that you are under a lot of pressure right now (DUH) and that you are handling things one step at a time. Offer her some tasks (Is she a BM? not that it matters, j/w) like making programs or doing favors or something that can be done ahead of time, if she is so concerned! Don't let her worry you. Your priorities are in order. Graduate, then devote yourself to the wedding. And give yourself a hand! You deserve it. I know I couldn't handle the stress you must be facing right now. 
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  • It sounds like you are in a really frustrating situation! Although your friend may have acted insensitively, she probably was acting with good intentions (even if she was miguided).  She can't presume to know what you are dealing with right now, so you just have to realize her lack of insight into your situation/stress level and know that you're in control (and it sounds like you are!!). Just remember that nothing needs to be perfect. Work on school when you can an the wedding when you can, but remind yourself that each will come and go and any anticipated problems will more than likely turn out to be much less significant than it may seem (this is a big thing that graduate school has taught me). Hang in there- everything will get done!

  • Hey! Yeah, I am doing the same. I graduate in June and getting married in August. I keep getting super stressed, but my fiancee keeps telling me to give him whatever job I need him to do, which is great because if he wasn't that way I would probably want to smack someone.  haha!  

    Anyway, my friends don't really say much about it because they know how much I have on my plate, with school, wedding, and a lot of work too.
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  • Why do you let people talk to you like that? It's your wedding and it shouldn't be their concern. What gets done, get's done. She should understand what's going on this semester.
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  • That does suck and I can totally understand how you feel. I haven't had anyone tell me I'm procrastinating on the wedding but I am getting tired of people telling me to "relax, you have plenty of time". Then when you break down your schedule they kind of look at you like you are crazy. You will get to what you can when you can. It is definitely okay to be stressed about it, a little stress is good. You're graduation and wedding will be fantastic :)
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  • eks36eks36 member
    I take it that this "friend" has not been in graduate school. Some nights I'm lucky to get the 5 hours, so I really do feel for you. Everything will work out--just focus on getting through your coursework. You'll still have time to do wedding prep afterward. Good luck and take a deep breath! You're almost done!!!
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