Hello Fellow Students - any fellow MFTs?

So who else out there is as ambitious (read: crazy lol) as I am...

Working overnights almost full-time (30ish hours a week)
School full-time graduate student  (3-4 classes, 3 this semester)
Graduate assistantship (daytime 20 hours a week)
Planning a wedding (what little spare time I have left lol)

That will all be starting this fall...

I graduated college over 2 years ago now after 5 years undergraduate (to pursue dual bachelor degrees - Human Development & Family Studies (HDFS) and Psychology).  I was SOOOOOO done at that point.  I've been working full-time since then as a residential counselor in a group home, but hating my job all the while (there aren't many good opportunities for entry-level human services with only a bachelor's degree).  So I'm going back to school in the fall for my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I think it's the right time, because instead of being so over school, I'm actually psyched.  I also got a graduate assistantship with a pretty good stipend for this semester/year.  Next year I do a practicum, 3rd year is an internship and capstone project.  Oy vey lol

So here I am...wondering if I will ever see my FI or friends lol
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Re: Hello Fellow Students - any fellow MFTs?

  • Yep! I am a resident physician -- so I work over 80 hrs a week with some days being as long as 30-35 hours when I'm on call...FI is an resident physician too, so we regularly go days without seeing each other.

    Don't worry this time in your life will pass and you will have a better career because of it! Also don't worry too much about the wedding stuff--that too will come :-)

    Best of luck!
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  • I am in the same position! I just started my MA in Clinical Counseling and Family Therapy. As much as my FI and I wish we were rich - we are not so I am also working 35 hours a week, and planning a wedding. Not to mention I am dedicated to my sport as an equestrian (5-6 days a week I am riding).

    Sometimes I just have to take a deep breath and remind myself to let some things go. Your friends will completely understand that as soon as you are over this hurdle you will make time for them again. As far as your FI - we make sure that we have dinner together at least 6 times a week. Mine goes to bed at 8pm and leaves for work at 3:45am, so the hours between 6:30pm and 8pm when he is home are sacred.

    You will be amazing don't worry!
  • --soo sorry, really don't mean to hijack!---
    No way alliance! you are a rider?!?!?!?!??! AWESOME!!!! I am (or was until med school and intern year beat it out of me, haha!)  what type of riding do you do?? I'm a dressage rider :-)
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    LOL and thread moves to horses ;-) Sorry ladies!

    I do Hunter/Jumper right now doing the 3'3" division where my poor Appendix is maxed out at. He started in Dressage training and I am completely convinced it helps us win! There is nothing like automatic changes and lateral off my leg to get those inside turns.

    I have a friend who is desperately trying to compete while in med school... she studies a lot with her horse over her ;-) I feel for you poor med students!!! Soon it will pay off! Hopefully you can start again one day... I truly believe once your horse crazy it never goes away.
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