Experience with wedding at Gervasi Vineyard?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had their wedding at Gervasi Vineyard in Canton or attended a wedding there.  I know they haven't hosted weddings for very long (maybe a year or so?) so I wanted to know how they were.  Was the lack of experience an issue? 

I just got engaged, so I haven't actually visited yet to check out the space, but I was hoping to get some reviews of it prior to going. I had dinner there in January and completely fell in love with it.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Experience with wedding at Gervasi Vineyard?

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    I had a friend get married there and she loved it! I looked into it last Feb. when I got engaged, but unfortunately the space was just too small for my wedding. I wish it would have worked out because it is STUNNING! I met with the coordinator there and he seemed great. Very detail oriented. Definitely check it out!
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    thanks katelyn!
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    I set up a wedding cake there for a ceremony/reception last August in the Pavillion. The venue was GORGEOUS, and from talking to the bride, she was very happy having the wedding and reception there.  The only thing I would check into if I were you is if you have to buy/serve only Gervasi wine at the reception.   Good luck.
  • Does anyone know how much a wedding there costs?
  • Yes, I am having my wedding there in April. It depends when you are having it. Nov-Apr low season, May-Oct is high season. Indoor vs outdoors. food is around 35-70 pp. plus you have to pay for the space. anywhere from 400-800.
  • The rental space is more than 400-800. The least expensive is 650 and it is in the smalllest venue. It goes up from there. The pavilion is around 1500 to rent.
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    The pavilon is $5,000 to rent!
  • Can anyone confirm the pricing for 2013? Their website has no help for budgeting at all!
  • I can Help i am currently booking my wedding there! To rent the balleria room it's 1400 on a Saturday and a 5000 food/beverage min. I'm not sure about the pavilion. I just know about the inside banquet room. If you call them they are very helpful.
  • 2013 pricing for outdoor pavilion is:
    Friday - $3400 facility fee + $9000 food and beverage minimum
    Saturday - $4000 facility fee + $10,000 food and beverage minimum.

    Food per person ranges from buffet to plated for $39 pp to $75+.
    Bar is based on consumption and you have to use their wine products since its a vineyard.

    Gervasi includes a lot though (tables, chairs, glassware, staff, linen and wedding coordination)
    Expect to spend a bit more for a Gervasi wedding....

    Hope this helps :)

  • I am having mine memorial weekend. 4000 rental for pavilion. 10,000 food and beverage minimum. I can't remember price for buffets, the ones I was looking at were the 39 and the 46. Their food is delicious! Children are 10 for chicken nuggets and Mac n cheese, or buffet for 1/2 price. Standard full bar is 26 per person or just wine and beer is 19 pp. One bartender per 80 guests, 200 per bartender. 175 for security officer,provided by Gervasi, for guests up to 170. Food and beverage also has a 20 service charge and sales tax. It is higher in cost, but they are very helpful and nothing can compare to the atmosphere. I went to dinner there once and fell in Love! Definitely try dinner there, avg 40 a person. Jeff Hicks will probably be the one you first talk with about booking there. I hope this helped you! Congrats! And Good luck!
  • Has anyone had luck negotiating a lower facility fee or Villa rental prices, in off peak season - Nov-Apr??  Or are they firm on their pricing?
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    KTLNSNYDER -- they do not negotiate. They have fixed prices. They are very popular right now, and are getting press like crazy. (Plain Dealer just did a spread on them a few weeks ago). If you don't bite on what they offer, someone else will. Unfortunately, more than likely the pricing you have for Nov-April is already discounted ( I went through that too and my jaw dropped b/c I felt like it was still very high). But, it is in demand, and they know it.

    I suggest, if you can't fit in on their listed pricing, be flexible if you can. Their price sheet (if you met with them, you should have it) is in pretty good detail and will show you what you have to work with. Don't forget though, there are prices like bartender, seat setup, service fees, security guard NOT listed on the pricing. Additionally, alcohol is NOT included in the food and drink minimum pricings.

    If you want to get married there, plan on a hefty budget, even during off peak season.

    Gervasi is awesome. Food is amazing, the scene is gorgeous.  

  • I was married in the Pavillion last year. 4000 facility fee (goes toward no food or drink costs) we did a plated dinner at 75 pp and you are individually billed for each drink , even soft drinks. Food minimum was 10,0000. We hired our own wedding planner because the "consultant" they have there lacked attention to detail. Also, linen choice is ok but we used an outside linen company for a nicer selection. We also rented chivalric chairs and chargers to make a more formal look from those typical garden chairs. I have no clue where people are getting these cheap deposit numbers from, they are extremely expensive and for good reason. They are catering to a certain type of bride. I looked at the "nicest" wedding locations in NE Ohio and Gervasi's pricing and fees were the most expensive I've seen.
  • If you can find an available date and can afford it, then I say do it!  I just got married there on July 5, 2013.  It was spectacular. You can't beat the view and ambiance.  In the pavilion you can be out doors, but still be undercover.  The  food is delicious and they cater to your every want.  Our coordinator was very detail oriented and awesome. Our guests had  5 of the 6 villas rented.  We could have made all the same decisions and had the exact same wedding elsewhere and it wouldn't have been the same.  The location is magical. 
  • To anyone who has had a wedding/ been to a wedding at Gervasi vineyards ON A SUNDAY- they have written in their rules that music must be turned off by 9pm. Is this actually a hard and fast rule?!
    We are looking to have our wedding there on a Sunday but I would be extremely disappointed if the fun and dancing really has to be over by 9pm. Anyone have any experience with this? Thank you!!
  • I am having my wedding Oct 2014 and they have been absolutly miserable to deal with. The wedding coordinator and the owners are not there for your day, but to collect a check. They actually told me they cannot guarantee that i will be able to hold my rehearsal on the grounds, but force a two night minimum on you for the stay in the villas. I have not even had my wedding and i am not happy. All they care about is how much they can charge andhow many things they can book back to back. And you are not allowed to personalize anything.
  • I have had a similar experience to you jlwilson. We are getting married at the Pavillion October 25, 2014. Our wedding coordinator doesn't respond to emails and I'm getting frustrated. She also told ya we won't be able to have our rehearsal the night before the wedding, but require a 2 night minimum, Who is your wedding coordinator? Have you contacted Jeff to express your concerns? That's my next step...good luck to you with your wedding planning.
  • Gervasi is amazingly beautiful.  My wedding will be there in September 2014. 

    Wedding staff is a mix with me.  My coordinator has been great - timely with responses - however I get mixed answers.  Early out we got a lot of "yes you can" answers and now as it gets closer it is a lot more "no you can't".

    Agree with the no personalization or customization.  We love the gelato cake they serve in the bistro and were told we couldn't have it at the reception.

    Wine/food Tasting and villa tour were awesome - and you can bring up to 4 guests to share the experience with.

    We too booked the villas - quite pricey since you have to pay for 2 nights but we feel it is an amazing experience for our entire bridal party. 

    I am still very much looking forward to my wedding and I am not writing off Gervasi just yet - they are a hot commodity - everyone wants to get married there... I had to book over a year ahead of time for my date.  Good luck to all!
  • Does anyone have experience with blocking rooms at local hotels for their guests? Wondering if any of them provide shuttle service. Also is it a good idea to have your own coordinator there the day of the wedding or do they have someone who serves that role?
  • We are looking there for our wedding, and they made it very clear that the beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are included in the food & beverage minimum. The pricing packet provided does lay out the security officer, bartender, and beverage costs.
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