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Wedding on a Wednesday?

What do you think about a wedding on a Wednesday? My fiancé and I want our wedding on the seventh of August 2013. I am pretty firm on the date.

I understand it would mean some people would not be able to attend as it is not a convenient as a Saturday wedding. It would also mean cheaper prices at some venues and crossing some off our list as weekday weddings are sometimes not available.

Re: Wedding on a Wednesday?

  • desi2002desi2002 member
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    Is this date significant? 
    Yes you may get a low guest count, but if that is the day you want, the people that want to be there will show up. GL
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  • MrsTucker2011MrsTucker2011 member
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    Why are you so firm on the date? Why do you have to have it on a Wednesday? Are you ok with a small wedding since quite a few people have to go to work during the week?
    If you're firm on the date, then why ask us?
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  • BRwedding2011BRwedding2011 member
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    Do what you want :) If someone really wants to be at your event, they'll find a way to get there regardless of what day it is! Plus you'll get a lower price at most venues so thats a perk right there!
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    Well, if you are firm on your date then just be prepared for a lot of people not coming and if they do, they probably won't stay long at all. I know I wouldn't stay long (if I came at all) because I get up at 5am every morning.

  • BRwedding2011BRwedding2011 member
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    My future sister in law got married on a Sunday evening and I get up early so I snuck out at 10 but I was surprised at how many people were still partying on the dance floor when we were walking out so it just depends on your crowd and what works for you :)
  • tehlilonetehlilone member
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    I say do it if the date is that important. I want to have our wedding on our anniversary no matter what and that's going to fall on a Tuesday. As long as the most important people in my life can make it to my wedding then that's all I need.
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