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Possible Venue Change... Is this a good idea?

I am thinking of a venue change. My current venue, The Mitten Building is going to try and match an amazing offer I found. Its a venue in LA called Culver Events. They specialize in "All Inclusive Weddings" Basically they have everything you need: photographer, linens and overlays, dj, childrens room with a sitter, projector for your slideshow, four course meal,  cake or cupcakes, ceremony/reception rooms, centerpeices, bouquets, bartenders, servers, ... everything. The cost is $6000 for 75 guests. I think its a good deal b/c my budget is 10K and I would be getting all I need for 6K. So thats like a 4K savings!  At the Mitten, it will be close to 4K for ceremony/reception for 75 people. That doesnt include dinner... that will probably be another 1-2K. Then there's the photographer which will be 1K minimum, and the DJ ...

 The bad thing is that if I change I may loose my 1K deposit... but I will still be saving 3K... it might be worth it. Plus since we need to be at LAX the next morning, being out there already helps a lot. Plus over half my guests are LA locals. I need to go visit the venue though before I make any snap decisions. The Mitten will be calling me tomorrow to let me know how close they can come to matching my offer. We shall see how that goes...
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Re: Possible Venue Change... Is this a good idea?

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    if your saving are still going to be greater than your loss... i say go for it! sounds like a great place! which i would have known about it sooner!

    good luck!
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    Maybe you can find someone that would want to take over your contract at the Mitten. If the Mitten will allow it. Maybe offer a deal and have the new bride give you a portion of your $1000.00 deposit and have her take it over. Just an idea hope it helps... Great find...
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    I say it is worth it to switch. Even though you are loosing 1k you are still saving 3k. You can put that extra money into your savings accoung. Ya know?

  • desi2002desi2002 member
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    thanks for the advice ladies... and finding someone to take my contract is a good idea...
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  • amyweetheeamyweethee member
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    What if you don't like the photographer or the wedding photos? Those all inclusive places sometimes cut corners. I know because my friend did one of those and it was not good. Everything was soo bad :(

    I know the Mitten Building. I went there once for a wedding like 6 years ago. That place is awesome!
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    It's all up to you :o) Whatever works, I'm sure it'll look lovely :o)
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