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California-Inland Empire

The rents are coming

Ok ladies, the time is finally here.  Stephen is on his way back from Nebraska with the U-Haul and my parents are leaving on Friday to come out here. YAY!!

Now, we are just crossing our fingers that our renters will actually be out.  My hubby went to collect rent from them a week ago, and they said "NO, get off our property" and slammed the door in his face.  UM, excuse me, but last time I checked it was my property, and not theirs!  Anywho, takes a deep breath, I won't have to worry about it anymore after Sunday.....fingers crossedXX

Re: The rents are coming

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    yayyy for parents coming and booo for difficult tenants! hope everything turns out okay for you.
  • mrs.payne2010mrs.payne2010 member
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    wooowhoooo, i bet you are so excited! i love living close to my mom, and built in babysitter!

    sorry about the tenants but hopefully you get them out soon.
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    I hope you dont have to end up evicting those dead beats. My mom had to do that with 1 of her renters once and it was a mess.

    I am so excited for you to have your parents close. That is going to be so nice to have them around and the help is a plus too ;)
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    My FIL is currently in the eviction process at a house here in Redlands (my brother thats still in school is going to move in and these ppl have not been paying rent forever). If you have any questions about it Rebecca, my BIL is a broker and does property management and in this economy, I feel like he is doing evictions every other week.

    p.s. so exciting about your parents!
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    Yay for your parent's comimg!  How exciting.  WTH? is up with your renters?  I can't believe they even said that crap!  I worry about them...I hope theydon't mess up the house.  They sound psycho!

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  • sv4338sv4338 member
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    Woohooo!!! Im so glad your parents are moving back!!!
    I just cant believe what jerks your renters are!
    How can people behave this way?!
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