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Paulina Perez Makeup Help!

Has anyone used Paulina Perez for hair and makeup?  I've read all the glowing reviews, but was not impressed by the boarderline unprofessional emailsI've reveived when inquiring about their services.  They sent me a long list of questions, sales pitches (for other services), and rewrote the prices like four times in the initial email.  I answered the questions and sent them back (thinking it would help with pricing), and I received an email that said "Sorry!  You sen tthe email but did not fill out the contract". They completely disregarded my comments (that I purposfully made a different text color)!! They just seem a little pushy and unorganized- definitely NOT what I want to deal with on top of planning other aspects of my wedding!!  Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? 

Re: Paulina Perez Makeup Help!

  • Hi Mandy,

    I've never had "official" contact with this vendor but I was sort of "pushed aside" by her at a wedding show I attended. I tried to chat with her about her prices,etc and I ended up standng there while she spoke with her friends and ignored a potential client. I just walked away and decided not to even bother with her.

    Completely un-wedding related, do you an uncle who is an attorney in Jax? Your name looks familiar to me...

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