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Question about bubbles

I was thinking of doing bubbles during our "farewell". I have heard they could mess up your dress- my dress is not satin- do you think this will be okay? I have seen some pictures of bubbles in the dark and love the way they look. Is anyone else doing this?

Re: Question about bubbles

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    We used bubbles and I don't remember having any problems with them on my dress.  Plus by that time you are getting in the car to leave and nobody else will see your dress anyway.  Also, I don't know if you have bought your bubbles already, but you definitely don't need as many bubbles as people you invite because not everyone will stay until the end.  We ended up with a lot of extra bubbles.
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    We're doing bubbles and I figured if anything happens to my dress, they can get it out at the cleaners.
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    We had bubbles and by the end of the night the bubbles staining my dress was the least of my worries.  I agree with pp, you don't need one per person.  My bubbles were a hand me down from my cousin's wedding last year and I still had left overs.
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    We did bubbles (pic in married bio under reception!) and it worked out perfectly.  I know for sure several ended up on my dress and I had no stains.

    BTW, I am getting so excited for your wedding!  I can't wait to see pictures Laughing
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    Okay great I think I will do it!!! I have some brown ribbons left over from my invitations that I did not use so I will tie those around them. I'm getting so excited but also nervous and having all sorts of wedding nightmares!! I have not seen FI in over 5 weeks, I finally get to see him tomorrow, hopefully that will help with the nerves!!
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    Everyone blew bubbles around us during our last dance so they definitely ended up on my dress, but they didn't leave any stains.
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    I'm not really sure what to do as far as a "farewell" because I've never seen many couples do this at the end of the reception, it was just the end of the night and they thanked us all for coming. We are also staying the night there at Sweetwater, so I haven't worked out that detail and not sure what to do. Are you staying there the night of your wedding?
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