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In need of a string quartet

My wedding is May 1,2011 and we are looking for a reasonably priced string quartet to play  for our ceremony. The ones im finding are rediculously priced. I don't want to pay more for my ceremony quartet  music than my 5 hours of DJ time at my reception. Can anyone help????

Re: In need of a string quartet

  • ddeleoddeleo member
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    The String Group

    Jody is my contact and she is great to work with. I have actually hired the String Trio, but Jody can switch between the viola and violin, which ever instrument fits and sounds better with song.

    They are playing for the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, (which is more upbeat, modern, recognizable songs)and her husband, I have hired for his DJ services.
    He plays the trumpet as well, and he waived his trumpet fee during the ceremony music, since he is our DJ.

    I did some other research for strings around jacksonville, and there was one other younger group, but i felt they were a little more pricer, and wanted to charge a trip fee for my location in Palm Coast along with additional fee for songs they would have to learn.  The String Group (who I hired) no trip fee and will customize and learn whatever is needed for the ceremony or cocktail hour. 

    Good luck!  

  • clseale13clseale13 member
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    Do you have a DJ yet? If not contact Steven Paul with Beyond Sight & Sound. He has an agreement with Kyle Wehner http://www.wehnerweddings.com/ and their violin and guitarist did a beautiful job at my wedding. If you book the musicians through The DJ (who also did a very good job as DJ) it's cheaper than booking them alone. I think I got a great deal.
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  • prodigalgirlprodigalgirl member
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    I second The String Group!  I actually know them and have heard them play several times... absolutely lovely!
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