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Need help finding a reception venue

Hi, I am from NJ and I want to do a destination wedding in North Florida in Aug. 2010? I'll probably have about 60 guests.  Do you know of any venues that offer destination wedding packages in florida? Or do you know of any nice places that have receptions for under $70/pp?

Re: Need help finding a reception venue

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    Where in North FL are you looking?  I'm in Pensacola and just had my wedding for well under $70 pp. 
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    I too am just starting my search in these areas. Maybe we can share our findings.

    How many people are you expecting and what type of venue are you looking for? I think you can easily find something for less then $70pp. 

    btw my name is Gina.
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    I'm a NE FL native, so I have a little experience.  I'm doing my wedding here:
    If you do a Saturday evening (most expensive) at the Winterbourne, it'll be around $50/head.
    Club Continental is a bit more formal and probably a bit pricier.
    The two venues are related to one another.  There are guest rooms available on site, although probably not enough for 60 guests.
    I didn't look there, but check out venues in St. Augustine.  It's a beautiful, historic coastal town.
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    I too am looking for venue for the reception and wedding as well, preferably on Amelia Island or Jacksonville area.  We're looking for a place with beautiful live oak trees (we love the spanish moss) and a big open area for a tent/outdoor reception.  We love the Ribault club but it's already booked for the dates we're looking at. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!
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    I grew up in Amelia Island and would say the most expensive event is the Ritz but the Plantation has a few reception sites that should work. Also the Casa Marina in Jacksonville Beach should be within that price range. The Casa Monica is a very old and cool hotel that looks like a castle.

    Both place have hotel rooms and brunch the following morning.

    Best- Erin
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    You''l be able to find numerous places in Jacksonville for well under $70 pp.  Since you're having a destination wedding try some of our counrty clubs such as Deercreek Country Club  www.deercreekclub.com or  try Marine Land http://www.marineland.net/ .
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