Update to Trouble with a Vendor

I just wanted to give an update to those of you who gave me the great advice on the vendor I was having issues with!  I sent a letter, certified mail, outlining the issues I had and asking for my deposit back.  He just called and apologized, stating he was having personal issues, and told me he would indeed refund my deposit.  I am pleased that he took responsibility!!!  THanks for all the great advice I got on here.

Re: Update to Trouble with a Vendor

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    Thanks for the update.  I'm sorry to hear that he's having personal issues, but I'm glad to know he's making things right with you.
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    I was sorry to hear he was having personal issues too.  Now I am very happy I was straight forward and brief in the letter I wrote.  The first one I wrote was much more emotional, and probably a little to bitc**y because I was upset.  I put it aside and came back to it and I am very happy I did that.  I still feel that I made the right decision because of the extreme amount of time I have been trying to get a hold of him, but at least I understand now why.
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    Hooray! I'm so glad you were able to get your money back!
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