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We picked superstition springs golf course. I think they are decently priced. It was this or ocotillo golf resort but they are a little pricier.... I am 98% sure that I am doing Supersition but Octotillo is so pretty as welll.... Why can't I decide ugh!

Anyone getting married at either place?

Re: Our venue!

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    Anyone else doing Superstition Springs or Ocotillo?
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    I've had friends get married at both (but I didn't go to either wedding) and they both had good reviews.  We looked at Ocotillo and thought it was beautiful and liked Emily the coordinator there - but decided it was out of our price range.  I think you can't go wrong either place :)
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    We are going with Ocotillo.  Mollie has been our coordinator and she gives great advice and really works with you on the price.  We have been working with Mollie from day one and she has been awesome.  She pretty much sold the place for us.  If she didn't work there, we would have gone somewhere else.  Ocotillo is beautiful as well.  I can't wait for our wedding. 
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