12 Days Out- Holy Moly

So I haven't posted or even checked the MB in a while because I've been so crazy busy.

I'm in the home stretch- less than 2 weeks away.  I'm amazingly feeling pretty calm.  In the process of printing out escort cards.  I'm not looking forward to having to drive all the way to Chandler on Wednesday to get candy at Sweeties (I live in Northwest Phoenix).  But it seems that they have the best selection.

It's amazing how everything is coming together.  The biggest hangup right now is that the jeweler that we ordered my fiancee's ring through has lost our order.  We ordered a ring about a month and half ago from them and got it in- it was too big.  So we sent it back in exchange for one a half a size smaller.  They had to make it so it was supposed to come in the 1st week of March.  Still not here yet.  I'm going into my jewelry vendor's store tomorrow to get them to give this company hell about getting the ring in time.  If it's not in by the 24th (wedding is the 26th) I'll have the jewelry store give me a loaner for the wedding.  Not ideal, but hey- what else can I do?


Anyhow- that's about it.  For the most part it's the silence before the storm.  Boy howdy.

Re: 12 Days Out- Holy Moly

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    Congrats!!! It's coming up so soon. Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about the big day!
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    Wow...  I hear some really crazy stories about jewelry stores lately!   I hope they can get everything done in time for you!

    We're at 16 days!  Crazy....  it's flying by now!

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    Just got my guy's ring today, and it fits- thank friggin' goodness!!

    Tomorrow is insanely busy!  Going to my salon for trial hair and makeup, meeting Jerry Riopelle to get a CD signed for my parents' gift, then buying candy for our dessert table.  Oh- and I also need to finish buying centerpiece decor.

    Why am I not in bed yet?
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