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For those who have had their wedding at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, I was wondering if you had any issues with the members of the club being at the surrounding areas (pool, beach side) during the wedding. I really like the venue but I am a little leary about the fact that members are allowed to wander around during the ceremony. I don't want to have to worry about others making noise or anything like that. How have your experiences been?

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    I've never been to a wedding there, but a lady I work with lives in there and she says most people try to avoid going over there when there is a wedding going on.  That's not to say it's not a possibility, but they host a lot of events there and the residents know that and try to be courteous.
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    Not sure what time of year you are planning your wedding.  I got married at Val Vista Lakes in mid October.  There were people using the pool and a few kids in the lagoon.  I didn't notice anyone really walking around or anything and everyone seemed respectful of the wedding taking place. 
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    I was at a poolside party while there was a wedding taking place. I thought it was a little odd that there wasn't a lot of distance between the two parties. Everyone stayed with their respective party, but the same concern you have is what has kept me from planning my wedding there.
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