Question about engagement photos

This may be a silly question, but what do you use your engagement photos for? I know you can use them for save the dates and such, but are there couples out there using them for anything else? Just wondering.

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    I used mine for pictures at the reception.  I had pictures on the cake table, gift table and guest book table.  I also used one on our wedding webstie for guests.  But anything you want, I thought they were great to have.
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    I'm making a book with mine through Kodak and using it as the guest book. It's kind of yearbook-ish, but it makes your guest book worth putting on your coffee table. :)
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    We used ours for our STD's, wedding website and guest book.
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    We are using ours for about everything mentioned above.  Save the Dates, wedding website, mother's days gifts (hehe), and guest book.  We are still about 6 months out from the wedding, but we are thinking about displaying them around the venue if we need to fill space/
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    Many people use engagement photos to display during their reception. It's really cute...and then some will also have their photographer make a slideshow to them to play during the reception on a wall some place. They are also cute to decorate your house with....just a great memory to have. :)
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