What type of veil should I use w/my dress

What type of veil should I use for this dress?  I want to wear a veil for church and at the reception I want to wear a flower since I'm planning to have a relaxed side-bun.  I'm not sure if I should have a visor veil for the reception w/a nice flower.  But I know I want a pretty veil for the mass.  I'm envisioning like a big pouffy veil :)

Re: What type of veil should I use w/my dress

  • lawhitedlawhited member
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    Ooooohhh - your dress is gorgeous!  You're going to be "floating" down the aisle.  :)

    I say go for the big pouffy veil.  When else do you get to wear tulle on your head??  If you're worried about being overpowered you could always do a shorter length (like a fingertip or something).  And I think a flower for the reception would be perfect.

    Does your dress have any crystals or embelishments?  You could try to find a veil that includes some of those details, too.

    Good Luck!! 
  • MsBunny312MsBunny312 member
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    I think a poofy veil would go well with your dress. It's pretty romantic looking. I'd do something short though, fingertip or elbow length (or even shorter than that).
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    i think a poofy mid-length veil would be just so pretty
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    Your dress is gorgeous.  I wouldn't recommend anything that would distract from it.  Here's a question: is the church large and ornate or simple and small?  The poufy veil would be nice for a small, simple venue while, I think, a 1 tier chapel length veil with a satin ribbon edging would be great for a larger venue.  Hope this helps.
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