mailing invite with rhinestone buckle?

hi =)
i'm going to be mailing my invitations with a rhinestone buckle on each. any suggestions for how to get them delivered nicely?
so far i plan to have them hand stamped/done at a non-chicago post-office. is a piece of tissue necessary so it doesn't puncture the envelope?
anything else i'm missing?

Re: mailing invite with rhinestone buckle?

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    From what I've read on here it's very hard to find a post office that will actually hand cancel invites.  Many say they do it but they don't.  I would consider something a bit sturdier than tissue paper....I'm not sure what though....a cut piece of thin styrofoam or padding or plastic?  I would just think you would need something protective.  The problem is how do you do that without it looking tacky?

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    Try mailing one to yourself to see how it holds up, then you can try a few different things to see how it works out. Ditto about the post office hand canceling, I hear it is hard to actually get done.
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    good call sgylling - very good call.  i'm doing that for my invites when they come in....
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    Mine have a buckle. If worse comes to worse and I can't get them hand-canceled, then they will puncture the back of the envelope. Oh well, it's not like I would look at a punctured envelope and think "how tacky!" but blame it on the usps.
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    I didn't have a rhinestone buckle, but I had bling on my invites (see bio).  It was the biggest pain in the butt to mail.  I ended up buying card stock and then I cut a nice piece with fun cutting scissors and stuffed that in each envelope in front of the bling.  I hope that makes sense!

    We mailed several to ourselves and it looked awful.  I know it isn't the biggest deal, but I wasn't happy with it.  Everyone received them very nicely after all the extra work!

    I hope that helps!

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