House of Brides = House of Anxiety

Despite my gut telling "do not do service with these fools", and my sheer anger at the awful customer service, I ordered bridesmaid dresses through House of Brides.... Their prices were just so much better than other places. I should've listened to my gut!

We placed the order on May 8, and I was told the dresses would take 12-16 weeks. I just called to confirm the status (since my BMs are asking me...) and was told earliest they'll be in is mid-September (16 weeks), and that orders typically take "anywhere from 16-20!!!! weeks."

Mid-Sept could be ok. That should allow enough time for alterations... However, 4 of the 5 girls live out of state, but will all be in for my mid-Sept. shower, so I was planning to give them the dresses then. I can only HOPE that they arrive before the shower, and that they all fit ok and nothing will have to be returned (it's happened to me before...). I've heard SO MANY horror stories about how dresses come in and don't fit AT ALL, or take way longer than expected.

I'm trying very, very, very hard to stay calm, but I'm totally freaking out about this. UGH.

Re: House of Brides = House of Anxiety

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    Yeah, they made me order a dress that ended up being three sizes to big so I had to pay $$$ for it to be altered on top of how much the dress cost.
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    Fingers crossed the sizes are all ok... I was with all but one BM when they tried on the exact size they wanted to order, and the last one gave me her specific measurements, which I crosschecked, and matched the size she tried in the store.

    Blah. I don't want to freak out about this, but there are just so many horror stories!
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