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What is your biggest wedding fear?

I'm with Sparkette, the board is dead today! So....
What is your biggest wedding fear? (Silly or serious)
Mine is walking down the aisle and having no one there because everyone is stuck in TRAFFIC! (Friday 4:30 pm ceremony in downtown Chicago)
What's yours?

Re: What is your biggest wedding fear?

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    I'm getting married on December 18. I'm afraid that there will be a blizzard, causing lots of guests not to come.
  • ondreaflynnondreaflynn member
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    Traffic on a Friday at 4:00 will suck.  Hopefully you've prepared your guests.  

    My fear varies daily.  Today I fear I won't get the invitations out in time and everyone will be mad and not come. :(
  • jbll326jbll326 member
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    That I will trip walking down the aisle. I'm very clumsy, so it's definitely a possibility.

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    That the timing that day will be off. We'll either be super early to our reception (best case scenario) or we'll be late and stuck in traffic on the way there since we are coming from the city (worst case scenario)
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    I am worried that everyone I invited will come (I know I know, I am supposed to be prepared for that, I am, but you know what I mean). We have a patio we can use to hold the entire amount, but my wedding is in April so it could be snowing! Ahhh! My venue keeps saying, oh you invited 230, you will only have 170! haha, gosh I hope so!

    The RSVPs are coming in and of course all the yes's come first! Stresssss!
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    Oh, and that I won't be ready on time. I've had the same dream twice where our hair and make up weren't done and I just had to throw my hair up in a ponytail, put on some lipstick and go

    I think that's a fear because as a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding her hair and make up person ran waaaay behind and I was the last one to get done and my friend had to do my hair
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    I just really hope it doesn't rain. 
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    Well, I have had a similar dream twice in the past month or so that I'm at my wedding but I don't have anything planned more than what is done right now.  I have all of my vendors, but not the details (music, timing of the day).

    Realistically, I am worried about spilling wine on my dress during our ceremony (Jewish wedding means two glasses of wine! - typically red!)
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    That when my dress arrives in a few weeks I will discover that I ordered the wrong size or color or - worst case scenario - the wrong dress!!!  And then I will have to rush back out to the stores and frantically try to find something else.  I wish the darn dress would just get here already so that I can stop worrying!

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    1 - that it will rain 2 - something will happen to my dress 3 - future husband will get lost en route to church and be late

    i agree with ondreaflynn, the fears change daily
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    I'm with you on the rain!
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