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Selling a TWA photography voucher

My fiancé and I got a voucher for Timothy Whaley photography that we won't be using since we are getting married way downstate. It covers 8 hrs of photos and a slideshow DVD. It's worth $1,898 but we'd like to sell for $750. If anyone is interested please reply back! Www.twaphoto.com is their site to see sample photos.

Re: Selling a TWA photography voucher

  • Why would you sell this?  I'm assuming you got it for free at a bridal show or it's a coupon that they give out or something - I see these kinds of vouchers a lot from these types of photographers.

    I don't intend to come across as rude, but I don't want someone getting scammed.
  • I was thinking the same thing. I won some stuff like this at some bridal shows and just offered to give stuff away if I wasn't using the vendor
  • We won it as the grand prize at a show and are hoping to use the money to get a photographer closer to where the wedding is. We're selling it for almost noing compared to its value. Not a coupon or anything, we went and had a meeting with them and just decided they weren't for us.
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    It sounds like you are honestly trying to be legit, but I'd warn any other bride out there that if you go to a bridal show and sign up at the TWA (or similar photographer) booths, they'll often call you and say that you "won" something very similar.  I don't think any bride to be should pay money for this type of a discount/voucher - I think you can get a similar discount in other ways - for free.

    I'm done offering my opinion. :)
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