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Do NOT use Debbie Gahan for alterations/dress making

I was a bridesmaid in a wedding last month that used Debbie for alterations and for dress making. While her tailoring skills seemed appropriate at the time, many hooks and eyes went flying when the bride and the bridesmaids got dressed on the wedding day. Debbie said that she was capable of making 9 dresses for the bridal party. Many of the dresses were created with incorrect measurements. When girls tried them on, they were swimming in the dresses and appeared to be obese. Some of the dresses had liners falling below the hem of the dress or zippers that appeared to cause scoliosis.  Many of the dresses were altered enough so that the size was not a noticeable issue, but were finished only hours before the wedding when she had at least 6 months to complete them. The amount of stress that she created for the bride and bridesmaids was inexcusable. She did not change her prices even though she was late delivering the dresses and the mother of the bride completed some alterations. Every vendor needs to complete their work at an appropriate time. Debbie's main drive to complete the dresses days before the wedding seemed to be going to see the Hunger Games movie.  Save your self the stress and trouble by avoiding her!
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