Justice of the peace make house calls?

I am looking to find a justice of the peace that will come out to Lake County to preform a wedding. Is there a website, or a way I can find out if they do this?

Re: Justice of the peace make house calls?

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    edited December 2011
    Most wedding officients will come to any venue, even a home.

    Search here on the knot, or do a google search of wedding officients. I don't know if they are called "justice of the peace" any more.

    Wedding officeints need to be crediatialed to perform weddings, sign your license, and send it to the county for recording. Most that advertise are crediantialed to do this.

    There is a charge associated with hiring an officient. Most in the Chicago area charge from 500 and up.

    I used Day of Dreams, Thomas Whitham. He was wonderful. HIs pricing has come down a bit and he has an extensive website.

    There are many many others, just interview them, and hire who you feel comfortable with and who gets your vision of a ceremony.

    Good Luck!

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