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Hi everyone I 'm newly engaged and live in Illinois, my fiance just asked me last month to marry him.  We are planning our wedding for next year.  Are there any newly engaged women on here I can talk with.  Its just the beginning but we are so serious, we have done a lot of the important stuff already.  P.S. I'm really good with advice if anyone needs it.

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    Congratulations!!  I'm already married, but there are plenty of newer engaged women on this board.  This local is really helpful!  What important stuff have you accomplished already?  When are you getting married?
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    Do you know the month your getting married?  Your club board would be the best place for you to go to talk with newly engaged people.  Congrats!   And I'm around Chicago, too!
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    Congrats to you!!! You will find these boards and the ladies tremendously helpful!!!
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    I am relatively newly engaged... we got engaged back in March!  Welcome to board!
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    Congrats and welcome to our board! I hope you'll find a ton of helpful and friendly words from our group here.

    I hope you find planning fun and stress free! =)
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    Congrats and welcome :)
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    Welcome! Its a great board and many of us still pop on every once in while even after we've gotten married. Your club board will keep you on track for what you need to be planning schedule wise. Here, you can ask about venues, caterers, budgets and so on. It was so helpful for me and I hope we all can be equally as helpful to you!
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