Crate and Barrel Registry Event Review

LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS EVENT!!! We went to the C and B in Geneva this past Sunday, for their first of a few registry events. I believe all/most of the C and Bs are doing these events on SUNDAYS this month. Its 9-11AM, and the store is closed to public during this time. Brought my FI, as did most brides-to-be. Some also brought Moms, FMIL, and BM....

Event started with a quick tour and tips. Then we were free to roam and register! I was worried the staff would be hassling us, and following us around. But they all just gave everyone their space and only helped when asked, which was awesome. Even my FI (who normally hates shopping of any kind) enjoyed it!!!

They also had mimosas, juices, and yummy snacks which was very impressive. And the staff was doing several demonstrations around the store of different kitchen gadgets, and also offering food/drink samples for that too.... OH and at the end, they gave every couple a free gift- which I wont spoil for those planning on going, but it was impressive :)

Just wanted to share for any brides that still need to register!!!

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    That was our favorite store to have our registry. We both enjoyed picking out  items we would love to have for our home. Our gifts arrived packaged perfectly, nothing was ever broken, or the wrong item.
    Macys, on the other hand...horrible.
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    Yay! I just signed us up for this on Saturday!! We're going on the 21st and I can't wait. Hopefully my FI turns out like yours did and enjoys it. He is obsessed with green, and most of C&B's spring line is green, so hopefully that will get him into it.
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    Yea- they ONLY kicker is their RT policy has changed. With a Gift Reciept you can only get store credit and NO cash. But, this really doesnt bother me at all- its not like you will get 100% of what you register for, so just exchange for something that you didnt get!! I'm not looking to make $$ off my RT gitfts, LOL Money mouth
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    Good to know about the return policy!  We were supposed to do the bridal event on February 7th, and we're also registered on Amazon.  We thought the Amazon list wasn't viewable by anyone except us and we were going to wait until the C & B one was done to share both of them.  Then FI's aunt starts asking us questions at Christmas about the registry, and I was like, "um, how are you seeing it?!?!?"

    We decided to just skip the bridal event and registered in mid-January.  It was a yucky rainy Sunday, so there weren't too many people and we still got a free gift- a pair of heart-chaped champagne flutes!

    So, all we missed was the free food.  Oh well.
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