I can't get into my own thread...

I posted yesterday about help with flowers and was able to read a couple this morning but now I keep getting the "operation aborted" thing and can't get in. 

Thanks to those that replied for your help!  And, to whoever gave me her email...I did email you, I am intersted in that flower chart if you wouldn't mind emailing it to me.

Thank again! 

This operation aborted thing is sooo annoying!!!

Re: I can't get into my own thread...

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    edited December 2011
    i just noticed this, so i thought i would re-post my post to see if you would be interested

    i'd be happy to send you my contract from my florist - my colors are eggplant and grey.  the florist lined out all the different flowers for my bouquets and i spent a good hour google imaging them.  it was fun :)

    i'm going through some revisions right now, but i do love the BM's flowers as is, same with the centerpieces
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