seating arrangements

ugh, this is by far the hardest thing we've had to deal with.

we're not having a bridal party, so we're doing a sweetheart table.

couple questions:

- did you/are you putting your vendors (photog, dj) at tables with the guests?  since I only have 4 vendors, seems like a waste to put them at their own table. 

- if your parents can not be seated at the same table, how did you handle this?

Re: seating arrangements

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    I think it's a little strange to be putting vendors with the guests.  Our reception location is providing vendor dinners (less expensive than the regular dinner) in a small break room.  I would see if there is some place off to the side where the vendors can eat/break. 
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    I have heard a lot of vendors say that they prefer a space where they can chill for a few minutes away from the main wedding festivities.
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    interesting, I found an old post that vendors prefer to be in the room so they don't miss anything. my venue does not have a seperate room or meal for them so they'll be among the guests.
    I want them in the same room for sure. we have something planned for dinner and the photog absolutely can't miss it!

    since I'm only have 4 vendors, I was just going to put them at a table by themselves so they could get up and do whatever they needed to during dinner and not interrupt. {I've also been told this works out well since they sometimes don't want their meal served at the same time since they're working}
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