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Day before Thanksgiving

So the Fiance had this brilliant idea to hold the wedding the day before a Thanksgiving to maybe save some serious dough.  I'm not sold it's such a great idea, but wanted some feedback. . .

What do you lovely people think?  Is hosting a wedding on Black Wednesday a good idea?  Can you think of another date that would save boucoup bucsks and still let us party like (rather sedate) rock stars?

Re: Day before Thanksgiving

  • morgie44morgie44 member
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    For me, the day before thanksgiving is really hectic!  I wouldn't be thrilled with it honestly, that is a huge travel day so traffic is always really crazy and flights are expensive for OOT guests.  I had a freind get married a few years ago the 3rd of July, (it was on a Thursday with the fourth on friday so it was basically the same as having a Friday wedding for guests, but they got a great deal)  Maybe you could do the same it looks like you are looking at 2011, what about trying the third of July (which would be a Sunday) but guests will have Monday off.  (kind of the same idea as having it the day before Memorial/Labor Day)  Some places charge extra for holiday weekends, but many others do not!  In the end, iit's your day so do what works for you and your FI.  If I were your guest and you decided to do it the day before T-Day, if you were important to me, I would be there, though to be totally honest,  I might be a little annoyed and complain about you to other people!

  • duckie1905duckie1905 member
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    Personally, the day before Thanksgiving would be a huge problem (for many, I would imagine, not just me).  I would only attend if it was an immediate family member or my absolute best friend and even then I'd whine about it.  I'm not sure how much money it would save you but being a holiday travel costs (airfare, gas, hotel) would all be more expensive for your guests.  Not to mention many prefer to spend the holiday with family and/or friends and I'm not sure I'd give up my Thanksgiving traditions for a wedding.

    Try off-season or off-days of the week (Friday or Sunday).  Or try to cut costs in other places so that you don't have to hold your wedding during the busiest travel week of the year.

  • MsBunny312MsBunny312 member
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    Will most of your guests be local or will be traveling to Chicago for their Thanksgiving? If most people live elsewhere or need to go to another state to see their family on Thanksgiving, I'd imagine your guest count will be very low. Of course, depending on your budget and how big of a guest count you actually want, that might be a good thing.
  • jbll326jbll326 member
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    In all honesty, and not personal at all, but I would be really annoyed as a guest. Thanksgiving is a very busy, hectic, and important holiday in my family, so to have to go to a wedding the night before would really stress me out and irk me. And if you were hosting Thanksgiving, you know you wouldn't be going to a wedding the night before! And as pps have said, just imagine being an OOT guest traveling for it! You may save some money, but your guests will be paying big time for it in travel and hotels and time!

    We're having a Friday (off day) wedding in March (off season). I've done a full financial analysis and we're saving over 50% by having it when we are! I don't know if all venues and vendors' pricing is that drastically different, but ours certainly are and I'd be happy to share their info!

    You have many more options than Black Wednesday when you won't annoy your guests! GL!
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    I agree with all of the pp's. The day before Thanksgiving is an extremely busy day - at home, on the road and at the airport.

    The suggestion for July 3rd is a good one though!
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    I also agree with PP. I really don't like weddings on any holiday weekends, I think people just like to enjoy their day off. The 3rd is interesting because I don't think many people travel so it wouldn't be too much more expensive. Although, personally, I still like my holidays to myself:)

    The only holiday I really liked having a wedding on was New Years Eve, it was great. But that would probably cost you double. I like the idea of the off season Jan-March and maybe even an off day like a Friday ? Although I dont know if that really saves much since a lot are doing it now. I think it just depends on the place really. Good Luck!
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    I feel like a weding T-Giving week would be more expensive than an offseason wedding. A lot of venues give discounts for Jan-March weddings. Travel anywhere during the week of Thanksgiving is extremely expensive.
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  • frankiescalzifrankiescalzi member
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    Yeah, that's about what I was thinking too.  Thanks everyone, for your input!  Now I can show him I'm not the only one who thinks it' not such a great idea!~
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    Ouch!!! The day before, like others is very hectic. You may have a number of guests not come. For me, the day is nuts, getting ready for the holiday. Even so, you may have a good number of people leave early, because of the next day. I wouldn't do it.
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    I would never do it that day! It of course is up to you, but if you want to save money I would do it during off season or on a Friday or Sunday.  I think people would be annoyed and might not come because it would cost to much for them out of town. I have too much going on that week that I would only go if it was my best friend or a immediate family member. GL!
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