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Any information about Haiku Mill/experiences in Maui?

Hey girls! I'm new to the boards! Nice to meet you all! Does anyone have any knowledge of the Haiku Mill in Maui? Anyone have their wedding there?

I love the pictures I've seen of the venue. And I like the idea of being able to use just the one venue for the reception and the ceremoney. But I'm concerned about mosquitos and humidity...thinking about a July wedding so I don't know how that would affect things. Also if anyone's had their wedding there, can you give me a sense of costs? I've seen that the location fee is $4500 in a couple places, but I'm wondering what that translates to with overall costs? I'm hoping to keep things under $40,000 with 30 people...feasible?

Thanks ladies!

Re: Any information about Haiku Mill/experiences in Maui?

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    sorry, no info on maui, but welcome. this board is such a great resource.

    also, $40K for 30 people is COMPLETELY TOTALLY doable! we're at $28K for 274 people! (on oahu).

    best of luck planning :)

    PS - fight on! (^_^)V
  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    Even in Hawaii you can throw a party for 30 ppl for under $1300 per person.  So, yea, feasible.

    If you get married by the ocean, you won't have an issue with mosquitoes.  They thrive by fresh water that sits for a while (like a lake or pond), not by the ocean where the water's moving, it's salt water, and it's windy.
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    Oh, MORE than doable. We had 31 people for 17,000$ on a private oceanfront property.

    Welcome to the boards!
  • MiniWheatsMiniWheats member
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    I am getting married at Haiku Mill in April.  It is $4500 to rent the mill, $200 for use of the bridal cottage and $200 to have one of their people on site.  I booked last year and at the time they allowed outside coordinators.  Not sure if they still do but I would push for it.  They charge 20% on top of all the fees for every vendor you book if you use them.  Completely absurd!  I wouldn't have paid that and luckily, I didnt have to miss out on the venue because of the ridiculous charges.  

    $40,000 is feasible.  My wedding is costing $50,000 for 50 people but I spent a lot on my dress and we are bringing a videographer from Canada in.  If we would have spent less on those types of things, we could have come in around $35000.....

    Good luck with your planning!


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    Welcome to the boards! Haiku Mill is gorgeous, and you can have an amazing wedding with your budget. Hope to see you around.
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    I am planning to have a wedding in south Maui but our planning hasn't been progressed for 2 months because of many conflicts like budget and my dream of wedding...
    I like especially around Wailea.
    According to carrieoz_76, I can have a wedding on Maui for 30 ppl for under $1300?? Is it really??
    Since we are going there from Pittsburgh or CA, our budget for wedding itself is about $10K for about 50ppl.
    My ideal wedding is by the beach. 

    Hi kaesha, is your cost included hotels etc.? or simply for ceremony and reception? Which area will you have a wedding at?

    Thank you for your help!! 
  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_hawaii_information-haiku-millexperiences-maui?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:73Discussion:3645279a-b6af-4e05-8c38-c609c23a2c82Post:1e002423-23db-4626-a421-af968d64b8d6">Re: Any information about Haiku Mill/experiences in Maui?</a>:
    [QUOTE] According to   carrieoz_76 , I can have a wedding on Maui for 30 ppl for under $1300?? Is it really?? Since we are going there from Pittsburgh or CA, our budget for wedding itself is about $10K for about 50ppl. My ideal wedding is by the beach. 
    Posted by [email protected][/QUOTE]
    Yipes.  I was responding to the original poster, whose budget worked out to $1300 <u>per person</u> - which is MORE than doable.  I wasn't saying you could do a wedding for 30 people for $1300 total. <div>
    </div><div>Anyhoo, a wedding with a budget of $10k for 50 ppl is probably doable, but you'll probably need to think about doing a beach wedding with a simple reception dinner at a restaurant afterwards.  The cost to reserve the private estates on Maui plus the cost to then bring in catering and chairs, etc., can bump your budget up another $5-7k.</div>
  • Hi carrieoz_76,

    Oh,,,my bad...Thank you!
    Yeah, I think I want to find a nice restaurant that does outside by the beach type of reception in Kihei or Wailea.

    Do you know any good restaurant??
    Seawatch seems really popular but I prefer a restaurant closer to ocean!

  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    You may also want to look into Mulligan's on the Blue.  We considered going there because they're affordable, are pretty well-reviewed online (in regular restaurant reviews), and you can reserve their whole outdoor area really affordably and have a gorgeous view of the sunset.  Another option is the Five Palms Restaurant, which is in Kihei on and closer to the water.  The fact is that most of the nicer restaurants in Kihei and Wailea (and Lahaina, for that matter) can probably do a nice job, so you could start with these, then search for well-reviewed restaurants in the area you're looking for.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you!! Yeah, the Five Palms Restaurant looks great and great deal!!
  • amespringamespring member
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    Well, I just want to relate my recent experience dealing with Haiku mill.

    I began contact with them about a month ago for ceremony only packages and holding the venue without deposit. From the very beginning, I asked them about the time limit for us to hold the venue but there weren't any answers.

    Meantime, I spoke to several other wedding planners at the same time and finally, after about 3 weeks of much consideration on the packages offered, my fiancé and I decide on another wedding coordinator.

    I informed Haiku mill about our decision; they told us that if we were their initial point of contact and after so much correspondence on their packages, it is their policy that we have to work with them or else, get another venue with the other wedding coordinator.

    Later, we were told that we were holding them up for too long. Well, we did ask about their time limit and never got an answer.

    Well, I'd like to work together with Haiku mills if their packages work for my wedding.

    I think it is ridiculous of them to tell their clients to take their package even though their package won't work for the clients and furthermore, preventing their client from using their venue.

    I am sorry to see that they are behaving so selfishly as Haiku mill is a indeed beautiful venue. Needless say that I will have to find another venue.
  • lchinaxlchinax member
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    The mill is beautiful.  This is a very unique venue that has been professionally designed. I am currently planning a wedding and have been pleased with their wedding coordinator. (Allie)   I have been told by two independent vendors that I got quotes through that Haiku Mill does not ask them to give additional kickbacks for using their services.  Some wedding planners have you pay 10% for coordination but then ask the vendors to also pay a %. 

    I am worried about mosquitos and rain.  The professionalism of the owner and staff of Haiku has been more than expected.

  • sueconnsueconn member
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    Hello all - I know this is perhaps coming a bit late for some of you who were considering the Mill as a venue for their wedding, but I felt implored to write anyway.

    I recently got married there (at the end of May) and felt that everything was perfect.  We used Allie as our coordinator (I didn't even inquire about not using her or asking someone else - we had the opportunity to meet with her in person a year before the wedding and felt very comfortable with her.)  I basically just felt like having a coordinator at all was a luxury, since our budget was pretty tight and I was expecting / planning on doing all the research, decorations, everything myself.  In the end, it was great to work with Allie -- I liked that we were given a limited choice in vendors that they recommend (unless you're going to travel back and forth to Maui before your wedding, having too many choices for somethign like a caterer or cake vendor can just be frustrating and in the end you're just going to need to trust someone's opinion.)

    As I said, we met with Allie and Sylvia a year beforehand, fell in love with the space and spent probably almost an hour talking with Allie about our budget and vision.  By contrast, we had visited two other places on Maui on the same trip and they all seemed "typical" and the coordinators seemed less than enthused by our budget.

    Yes, the site fee a good chunk of change, and yes, the coordinator's fee is 20% of the rest, but for us, that didn't work out to too terribly much for all she did, as our wedding (for 60 people) was achieved for underr 20,000 (including the site fee, which is excluded in calculating the WC fee).  We were able to keep in as much contact with Allie as we wanted over the course of the planning, and payments were easy as she took care of negotiations and communication with all vendors.  Again, I was willing to do that myself, but I must say, since I hate email and the phone, it worked out great to not have to!

    We loved all our vendors, everyone loved the food, and Allie, Sylvia and their staff did a great job the day of to hang our 1,000 origami cranes over the dance floor (a task my husband and I were able to pull off since we didn't have to worry too much about the wedding!)  Also, there's no gaurentee, but the weather was perfect for us -- not too hot, no mosquitoes and not too chilly at night.

    I must say a bit selfishly, though, even though I was totally thriled with my experience at the Mill, and want them to do well, if some brides are scared off, that's cool with me.  I like to feel like its such a special place and I'd like to think its still a little bit of an exclusive club to have your wedding here!

    Hope this helps!
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    My husband and I got married at Haiku Mill in July and we have a wonderful experience.  It is totally doable to have a 30 person wedding and keep it under the 30k mark.

    The location fee is $4500 for the entire day which we thought was reasonable after we found out that the other place we were looking into wanted to charge us $2000 for a couple hours.

    Yes, there is a 20% coordination fee, but a coordination fee is an industry stanard ranging from 15-20%.  The way you need to look at it is her payment to assist you in helping and dealing with vendors.  As a career Allie has chosen to coodinate people's events and she needs to get paid someway.  With that being said, Allie tries her best to help you save money and meet your budget.  She gave us a lot of tips to save money on catering, rentals and florals and technically she was cutting into her take home money. She really cares and does it all for your special day! 

    Through email it is hard to build up a rapport with someone that is going to take care of your special day, so I do recommend picking up the phone and speaking with the staff at Haiku Mill.  Both Allie and the owner, Sylvia are very warm people and they are willing to work with any budget. 

    Good luck! Wishing you a wonderful wedding day!

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