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Timba Afterparty?


I was just wondering if anyone had organised an afterparty following their wedding at Timba (or anywhere else on the westside of Maui near Lahaina that is open until late)? We were looking at booking the VIP area for our guests (don't think we would go) and wanted to know how separate the VIP area is, what the overall vibe is like, and if your guests were up for staying out later and partying.... ? We haven't been to Timba before so any other additional info would be welcome! Thanks in advance!

Re: Timba Afterparty?

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    Lady Faye, a recent poster, I believe was not impressed by their services.  You should message her.
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    Hi There

    I just had my reception there.

    I would not use it for a private event but if you're just looking to party, it is a happening place.  There is no area that is closed off.  I'm guessing the VIP area is the little raised area with it's own bar.  It was big enough to get one 6' table in with chairs to give you an idea of the size.  If you're only a group of 6-8.. .it is probably big enough. 

    I guess I just wasn't impressed because Quinn, manager of Timba's,  presented himself initially as so easy going.... but then.. he didn't bother to get in the wine I requested which he told me would be easy to do.  He would not let the rental people pick up the stuff in the morning.. only at 7pm the next day, costing me an extra $50.  He would not let us in any earlier than noon to decorate.. not even at 11Am  without charging $50/hour, 2 hour minimum.  He charged my fiance (now husband) $100 for playing one or two extra songs at the end of the night.  A friend mentioned to him, during our reception, that there was water on the floor (she had partially cleaned it up as much as supplies allowed her), he looked at her and told her it was not his problem.

    Then there was the issue of curfew for my ringbearer and flower girl.. enough said... as I've said it in other posts... However, if all you want is their regular music and to dance and are not requesting any special extras.... it'll likely be fun.

    Hope that helps...

    Lady Faye
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    OOps... realized my last was a bit unclear.

    The VIP area is raised and separate.  It has a railing and separate little bar.  I have pictures... but am not sure how to get them to you??

    Lady Faye
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