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How to word "wedding attire"

This will be on my webpage under "tell guests what to wear to your wedding" (thanks theknot.com for the basic webpage layout) so no one freak out because it WONT be appearing on our wedding invitations.

I want to get the following message across without actually wording it this way "we request our guests wear their "sunday best" to our wedding. While we wont actually kick you out of our wedding for wearing slippers (flip flops) or quickdries (board shorts/swim trunks) we request you leave them at home. "

OBVIOUSLY i cant write that though it IS what I mean. We do afterall live on an island and island life brings on a whole new level of what is "dressy" .... I am soooo burnt out on work and wedding stuff and I know I can count on you girls to come up with something more "socially acceptable" while getting my message across...
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Re: How to word "wedding attire"

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    I think the best way to do it is to communicate the formality of the wedding by word-of-mouth and the formality of the invitation and website (wording, design, etc.).  If you still want to have it in writing on your webpage, I'd suggest keeping it light like "Bring out your Sunday best and come celebrate with us!" (I'd put it on the ceremony/reception information page...not on it's own page...) 
  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    I agree w/ Jaymers, and like her idea for wording for your website.  Another option is to have a FAQ page, like we did, and the last two questions and answers are:
    What should I wear to the wedding?
    Festive attire!
    What the heck is festive attire?
    Something nice, but suits aren't required.

    You could do something like this that's tailored to the attire you have in mind.  It sounds like you want Cocktail attire - nice, but not formal (i.e. not tuxes).
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    Now that I think about it, I remember seeing a webpage where they actually had pictures of what kind of dress was appropriate.  Some guests might find it useful, others might not like being told what to wear...depends on the crowd.  I also like carrieoz's suggestion of putting it in a FAQ section...
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    I think we said something like "resort casual" and then gave some descriptions.
  • madstaylormadstaylor member
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    I like Alysons idea. Resort casual sounds nice. The FAQ is also a good idea. I was having the same problem, so thanks ladies :)
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    If you want a quick description, maybe say something like Hawaiian Formal?  Here is what we put on our website:

    Attire: The ceremony will be held on the beach and the reception will be held at an outdoor garden, so aloha attire and comfortable shoes are recommended. Aloha attire is a cut above casual clothes. Avoid jeans, t-shirts or shorts. Men should wear slacks, guayabera, Hawaiian print shirts or button down shirts, but no suits or ties. Women should wear dress pants or skirts, casual dresses, sundresses or muʻumuʻu.

    Maybe that is a little too pushy, but we seriously did not want people wearing shorts or ties, so we just wanted to get that across.  We did have a lot of "what do I wear?" anxiety from guests after we sent out our save-the-dates, so I think for us, the description made sense.  It just depends on your guests.
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