Maui Wedding Photographer?

We are looking for a wedding photographer for 30 minutes church ceremony in Paia on the afternoon of April 28, 2012.

Digital camera for church wedding is okay.  No fancy lighting.

On a tight budget.

Does anyone have a recommendation?  

Need help. 

Thanks all. 

Re: Maui Wedding Photographer?

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    What do you consider a tight budget?  A price range would be helpful.  Also, which church?  Depending on the available light inside, you might need a slightly more skilled photographer who knows how to handle low light (and whose gear can as well). 
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    Thanks for replying.

    $200 - $250 for 30 minutes is as high as we can go.  A digital camera would be fine.  We would like to proof via email with 50 pics delivered.

    Makawao Union Church is where the wedding will be held. 

    I have photo light sensitivity, which means if light hits my eye, a full blurred vision migraine headache will take over, so no lighting equipment and big flash.  The Church can leave the doors open and turn the chandelier lights on if needed.  Digital camera flash normally doesn't affect my eyes.

    I also need a videographer with the same conditions.

    Thanks again for your questions.

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    I used John Henry.  I wanted to hire someone who was a member of PPofA - Professional Photographers of America (since I use to be a member and know the quality of their member's work)  He was part of our package so I'm not sure how much he charges, but he is only about 20 minutes from Paia.
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    Thank you Ninja for your lead.

    Your help is very much appreciated Wink

    stuffedmahimahi (minus 40 lbs.)

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    I used Joanna Tano and she was lovely - I have no idea how much she charges for ½ hour though.
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    We're using John and Bonnie Carpenter (http://www.jmcmaui.com/) They have basic beach packages starting at $400, but I think that's for at least an hour.  Plus you get two photogs, which is great!  Bonnie has been great to work with over email too.
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    Thanks kaesha and Tasha!!!

    I'll follow through over the weekend.  I never thought that planning one year ahead would make me feel so far behind!!

    Lots of catching up to do in the next 2 weeks.

    Love and Aloha to all xoxoxo
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    We are using Anna Kim. I believe her rates are now $1900/4 hours. So if my math is right, that would come out to about $238 for half an hour. Since you wouldn't be "buying in buik," it might be a little more costly.
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    Thanks all!  Photographer is now off my DIY list.
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    We really liked our photographer- Kinga Ritchey. www.weddingsbykinga.com

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