Wedding Planners on Kauai & Oasis on the Beach

Does anybody have a suggestion of a wedding planner on Kauai that would be able to help with a wedding of approximately 75 guests?  All of the ones I've found online have been pretty poor about responding in a reasonable amount of time.  I think that will get stressful during the planning process.

We also found a restaurant in Kauai called Oasis on the Beach.  They do full buy-outs and are on the beach.  If anyone has been there or seen weddings there, I'd love to hear more about it as a possible wedding reception venue.

Thank you!

Re: Wedding Planners on Kauai & Oasis on the Beach

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    I'm using Mira*Mira Events. Her name is Marlene and she is really terrific. I'm getting married in 2 weeks, so can't tell you about the final product yet, but she has been great to work with. I can't imagine having done all this without her.
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    I emailed and called Mira Mira events already about a month ago.  Nobody ever got back to me. 

    Has that been a problem for you?
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    I didn't get the best response from Mira Mira when I started planning.  I ended up using Kaye with Maile Weddings.  She was fabulous.  She's originally from the East Coast, so she was super responsive to our many, many, maaaaany emails.  She's also a photographer, which was great since it limited the number of people we needed to plan with.  If you have any specific questions, let me know, I could go on forever about how much we loved her.    weddingsonkauai.com
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    I contacted Kaye and she seems like she'll be a big help!  Did you have any tips for me about her strengths or weaknesses that I should know about before signing the contract?
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    We loved how everything turned out with her, we were actually talking the other day about how well everything went and how we lucked out finding someone who knows the island amazingly, but still has their "mainland" sense of time about them.  We emailed her constantly and had replies normally the same day, we couldn't even get anyone to reply to sending us info on their coordination services within a day.  We even had out wedding photos and DVD before we even left Kaua'i.

    If you have the time and funds, I'd suggest doing a non-wedding shoot with Kaye too.  We did one a day or two before with our immediate families and just us.  It was a great experience and knew we wouldn't get all the immediate family photo combinations we wanted to the day of,  We also got married in a garden which was right by a beach so we had some wedding picures done there but, I knew I wanted a bunch of beach-only photos since we were traveling all the way to Kaua'i.

    As you can see, we were really lucky to find Kaye, so just let me know if you have any other questions, I could go on forever about how great everything turned out.
  • Hi!  I'm getting married in May at Oasis on the Beach and have been really happy with the process.  Michelle is fantastic to work with and usually gets back to you within a day or two.  My parents were there in October and sat down with her and the manager and were really impressed.  Very easy going and open to customizing stuff for your party.  I am also working with Iben Dwight with Weddings Hawaii and she's been great to work with.  Gets back to you usually the same day and usually has all your questions answered.  Just be really clear with her what you budget is for certain things.  She has amazing taste but sometimes it's pricey ;)  Though you do pay a bit of an 'island tax' when you chose to get married on the islands.  Good luck with the planning!
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    Hi Nursesmiff! I hope you have/had an amazing wedding. We are also working with Iben with Weddings Hawaii and she really is great about getting back to you the same day. Love her timliness. I was hoping you might be able to tell me how your wedding went at Oasis on the Beach? We are trying to find venues and we seem to like this one. We just don't know if we should have our ceremony there as well as the reception. Did you have both there? Thanks for any feedback you have :)
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