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Lanikuhonua: Clear Tent vs. White Tent

HELP! My fiance and I are getting married in one month and we have to decide on a tent. We love the look of the clear tent but we heard it can be very hot and provide little shelter. Has anyone else out there struggled with this decision?? Please share your decision! Also if any knotties out there have already been married at Lani what type of tent did you use? Did it provide enough shelter? Did your guests complain about the heat, etc. etc.!!!

Thank you so very much for any insight you can provide!!

Re: Lanikuhonua: Clear Tent vs. White Tent

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    i too had this dilemma when i was deciding what we wanted. our guy (jim from JMJ rentals) said that the clear tent does get very hot. so we opted for the white tent since our wedding is in july.

    however, that being said, lola808 (over on TN and TB) got married in 2008 with a clear tent. she said it wasn't that hot.

    tifujiok got married in july 2009 but had a white tent...

    so it's hard to say because i guess it just depends on the season that year.

    sorry, that's really no help, is it? =P
  • FuturekochFuturekoch member
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    Thank you for your insight. You did help.

    I'm torn. The look I wanted was a clear tent with white paper laterns. It would be clean and simple-BUT I am concerned about the heat. A white tent will provide the shade but I feel like white tents become apart of the wedding decor, while a clear tent just blends in. A white tent dresses up the wedding and becomes a statement...you have to consider pole covers, a tent liner, will the paper lanterns look ok??--all which add cost and sort of get away from the simple look I was going for. Hmmmph!

    Since you are doing a white tent, are you also getting a tent liner and pole covers? What lighting did you choose?

    If anyone else out there can provide their experiences with white vs. clear tent---especially if you chose a clear tent and what your experiences were----I WOULD BE BEYOND APPRECIATIVE!!!

  • ginajadeginajade member
    edited December 2011
    Get the clear tent!

    I had a lot of people who were "Debbie Downers" on the clear tent - your cake will melt, your guests will melt, etc.  But in the end we went with the clear tent and it was absolutely gorgeous!

    If you are doing an evening wedding, it is not a big deal at all - by the time your guests are under the tent, the sun is already close to setting.  And the clear tent is so pretty at night.  This is from a cell phone (hope the pic works), so it's not the best quality, but you get the idea.  We had a buttercream cake with fresh gardenia and ppl were saying we needed a separate umbrella - we just had it under the tent and it held up just fine.

    If you are having a day time wedding, then I can see going white tent because it can get pretty sunny with the sun directly overhead.  But if it's an evening wedding, don't even think twice about it and go for it if that is what you want.

  • FuturekochFuturekoch member
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    Oh I love the pep talk on the clear tent! And the picture is just fabulous!! Thank you!

    Our wedding starts at 4 PM...what do you think? Will there be too much sun for people? To be honest, people will not be sitting under the tent until about 6ish. We will have about a 40 minute ceremony, followed by an hour of cocktails and appetizers which we were going to serve under the palm trees by the hut (Lani Phase 2), so there is shade there. After the cocktail hour, people will find their way to their tables under the tent and at that point the sun will be making it's way down. Maybe a clear tent will be OK!!??
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    Since its an evening ceremony, go for a clear tent!! its looks gorgeous and yeah, the heat will not be a problem
  • destiny1108destiny1108 member
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    We also had the same dilemna.   Our WC gave us the pros and cons of both types of tents (pictures, source of shade, cost factor) but ultimately our decision was due to cost factor (clear top was higher priced).   As far as cake, she said if she used clear top she just had the cake brought much later in the day as it would start to melt without having shade, but it was workable.

  • FuturekochFuturekoch member
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    Thanks everyone.   I'm going to send one more post to see if anyone has actually had a bad experience with the clear tents.  So far from this post, all seems okay.
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