Catering Questions! Help!

Hello Ladies-

Can you tell me the following:

Who is your caterer?
Price per person?
What are you serving?

Thanks so much!!

Re: Catering Questions! Help!

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    I am using Kruton's (out of Springdale) for our wedding at Pratt Place Inn (in Fayetteville).

    For $2730, we will feed 75 people a buffet of:
    -A chicken with a cranberry sauce
    -Beef tenderloin
    -Mac and cheese
    -Seasonal veggies
    -Tea and water

    -Tomato soup and mini grilled cheese
    -A mashed potato phyllo cup thing

    That cost includes tax, staff (which is billed at $25/ hour per staff member at a 6-hour minimum), and the food for 75 people ($23.75/ person). It does not include the $150 delivery fee, which would be discounted if we also rent tables and chairs, which we need, and they have the cheapest prices we've found on those.
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    Thank you so much Steph!!! I didn't realize this board wasn't too active! You were so helpful!
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    I would love for this board to be more active! 
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    I'm still looking, myself, but have found some very reaasonable prices for catering out of Little Rock @
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    I'm using Market Place.  They have several buffet options and are very helpful.  It's about $10 or $11/pp.  It's been awhile since I booked it, but I think you can get whatever kind of service package you want it with it (e.g. seated and each guest served, buffet with real plates and individuals cleaning up, or buffet with disposable plates).

    We're serving:
     - 3 different pastas
     - green beans
     - salad (I think)
     - rolls
     - sweet tea
     - water

    Here's their catering menu:

    I think their prices went up a bit, but the catering manager is great to work with. 
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    Actually, this is a better marketplace link:
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    I am having a rustic outdoor wedding so we decided on bbq from smokin joes. It is mine and my FH's favorite! They're most expensive package is like 9pp. And it comes with 2 sides, rolls and i think 3 cobblers. drinks are extra

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    My wedding will be in the fall of 2012, but I am already thinking about what I want to do.  I am  looking at 2 venues in the Hot Springs area.  We are trying for an outdoor ceremony with an indoor/outdoor reception.  The caterer I had planned to use is retired, so now I need to find some new ideas.  I dont even know yet if I want a buffet or a sit down dinner.  Any advice or suggestions would be great!
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