First Time for everything.

I never thought this would be me! I thought this would be so easy and I could just sit back and relax but ha I was So wrong. So I need help. I need to know where in Arkansas could Me and my Love be married to where you get the Nature feel and not have to worry about the weather. I need a place that has some history to it and above all it has to be beautiful. I just need some Ideas if Ya'll have any. Thanks for taking time to read This and Congrats to you all!!!Laughing

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    Garvan Gardens Hot Springs!!!
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    If you're in the NWA region, you should look at Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs, or Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista. They're both gorgeous.
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    Yeah, they're still doing it because I was up there last week talking to them about it. 500 bucks for an hour and a half in a building with no bathrooms and a bunch of imposed rules wasn't my style though. :/ if it's something that you're interested in.

    However, I did find a venue through my local parks and recreation services. I live in Fort Smith and they have quite a number of gorgeous parks for outdoor weddings and several buildings that can be rented at VERY reasonable prices. I got a full two room, very nice park building on the river front for an entire day for $100 deposit and a $200 rental. That includes tables, chairs, a couple of kitchens AND bathrooms! lol.

    So, yeah, try to think of unconventional locations. Typically, from what I've found, almost anything with the word "wedding" on it has a price that doubles.
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    I'm using DeGray Lake State Park - very good pricing.
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    Lake Fort Smith in the Mountainburg area between Fayetteville and Fort Smith.
    Oaks Manor and Lodge in Van Buren(just outside of Fort Smith).
    Lake Ouachita
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