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Wedding at Thorncrown, where to have reception?

 I am thinking of having my wedding at the Thorncrown chapel, but I do not know where to have the reception, any ideas would be greateful, but one where I can bring in my own caterer is preferred
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Re: Wedding at Thorncrown, where to have reception?

  • I don't know much about Eureka Springs, but I've been to one wedding at Thorncrown, and the reception was at the Basin Park Hotel.

    Thorncrown is an amazing work of architecture!!  It's a beautiful place for a wedding, but I've heard the wait list is long and the restrictions are pretty big themselves.

    Good luck!!
  • I've been to a reception at the Basin Park Hotel also.  It's a nice place.
  • I REALLY wanted to get married at Thorncrown. Their restrictions were way too harsh for us though. The 1886 Crescent is absolutely gorgeous for a reception. I think they also have some kind of booking deal together, so I would check that out.
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  • I am having my wedding at Thorncrown in May 2013 and our reception in the conservatory at the Crescent Hotel. I'm not sure what all of these restrictions folks are talking about. I have worked closely with both venues and haven't had any problems. Timing may be what you are referring to? Thorncrown gives you 1.5 hours from start to finish, which cuts things a bit tight, but if you know far enough in advance you can book two consecutive time slots if that is a problem. The Crescent and Thorncrown do not have a booking deal monetarily...they partner to allow you to book more than a year in advance, which is important if you have a specific day you want. I booked 14 months in advance. I've got the low down on Eureka Springs. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. :)
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    I'm not native to Eureka Springs, but my wedding is also being held at Thorncrown Chapel. :)

    My first pick was Crescent Hotel, but the room I wanted was way out of my price range, especially since you have to cater from the Hotel (no outside catering allowed) and the price of the food is extra on top of the rental fee. It's been a few months, but I believe that the Crescent Hotel requires a $20 to $25 per plate charge to cater. It gets pretty pricy, but if you got the money, I bet it's well worth it. :)

    I ended up reserving Skyridge Pavilion for the reception. They do not offer catering, so you have to find an outside caterer, which is what you prefer, yes? Skyridge is a 12 minute drive from the chapel away from the city, so if you don't like the secluded, outdoors feeling, this isn't the place for you. Also, if your gust list is over 110 people, you're going to have space issues. I'm having a small wedding, so it works for me. :)

    Sorry I can't give more feedback, but there are plenty of other places to have your reception at, such as the Blue Spring Heritage Center. :)
  • Call around to the local restaurants. I feel in love with Thorncrown Chapel it is very unique, what isn't unique are all the wedding reception mills in ES with all their "packages".  I opted for a dinner and then the ghost tour at the Crescent instead of the run of the mill reception. I did check several places about venues, The Crescent, Basin Park, The Grand Tavern.  local restaurants to try that have reception space, Rogue's Manor, Ermilio's, Mud Street Cafe, get online and do a search through yelp. There are also alot of smaller hotels that do offer space as well. There is a place called THE SPACE I think that you can rent out for pretty cheap. Don't be disheartened you can have your reception the way you want at a beautiful location. hope this helps.
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