Save the Date and Invitations

Where has everyone purchases their Save the Dates and Invitiations? I don't know if I should go to a shop or order online. Any suggestions are welcomed big time :)

Thanks in advance ladies :)

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Re: Save the Date and Invitations

  • I ordered mine from Their invites only require one stamp and they had a great price along with free shipping at the time. They did a wonderful job and I would absolutely recommend them.  
    I know a girl who ordered hers from and it was an odd shape (tall and skinny). She didn't think anything about it and just put one stamp on it. All of her guests had a notification that they had something waiting for them at the post office and had to pay 44 cents to pick up their invite.
    It was pretty embarrassing so be sure to check with the post office before you send it out because that can really shoot up prices pretty quick.
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  • I got mine through Vista Print. Mine were regular shaped and had no issued.

    Beware, though, of the VP discounts versus Groupons. They can't be combined and usually the VP discounts themselved are deeper than the Groupons.
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  • I did not purchase STD b/c I can't imagine that anyone involved did not already have a good idea when the wedding would be. It felt like a waste of money for me, personally.
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  • Thanks ladies so much! I am going to check out I looked at Vista Print and I didnt like them at all. The save the dates are being sent because I have a large number of out of state guests that need those for schedule time off and other things.
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  • I did not mean the post about the STD in an ugly way. I just did not need them myself. Not that they are wasteful in general. I apologize if that sounded rude.
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  • I did not send out STDs either.

    I did our invitations through Wedding Paper Divas.

    They were gorgeous and of great quality.  Definitely not as cheap as Vista Print, but of a higher quality.

    I did order our Thank You cards from Vista Print, though.

    And definitely make sure you know what you're getting yourself into in terms of postage!  Square, for example, will have a higher postage rate (but they do make a higher postage wedding stamp!)
  • We had a friend make ours and had them printed with Vistaprint (STDs) and cardsandpockets (invitations). 

    I've ordered from weddingpaperdivas before though and they have great quality and customer service!
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  • The hunt might be over now :)

    I found the invitiations at Party Time Rentals and Events while there looking at the decor for the wedding. After spending most of the afternoon looking, actually found the exact ones for cheaper. Already sent off for a quote from the company. These are the seal and send. Love how everything, invitiation and response card are all in one. Still on the hunt for STDs but I think we finally found someone to order simple ones.
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