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Wondering ladies....How did you know when you found THEE DRESS?

Just wondering what types of reactions you ladies had when you realized you were wearing your gown.  Let me know.

Re: Wondering ladies....How did you know when you found THEE DRESS?

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    I'm not one to LOVE material things, so I dont get really excited or emotional over "stuff".  When I found my dress, I knew it was the one because I didnt want to take it off.  It was just "me".  My MOH and BM both said that if they could have picked a dress for me, 10 years ago when we met, that it would be the one. 

    The other thing is that I was really comfortable in the dress, and I knew I wouldnt mind wearing it all night.  Some of the dresses were too big or too tight and I couldnt move!
  • RogueQueenRogueQueen member
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    I Agree, I just didnt want to take it off and i felt like ME in it, not someone playing dress up or wearing a costume. I also couldnt stop smiling, i had this huge smile, ear to ear when i had it on. I had the urge to beg the girl to just buy it on the spot so i could take it home with me, yes i did have to order it but i think about it everyday and can't wait for it to arrive...

    Good luck dress shopping, it's lots of fun!
  • dibsontopdibsontop member
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    I was just tired of trying dresses on!

  • Dnyce7282Dnyce7282 member
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    I tried on two dresses I had picked out after I found "the one" just to be sure & they in no way compared and I got that "this is it feeling" and couldn't wait to wear it plus my mom started crying when she saw me it in
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    Thanks.  I'll let you know how things go.
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    I knew because not only could I not stop smiling, but my mom and little sister were standing there grinning and saying 'YES THIS IS IT!!'.  I came out of the dressing room swearing because I didn't want to try it on, and when I looked up in the mirror, everything changed and that was that!
  • MrsCross2BMrsCross2B member
    edited December 2011
    I cried.  LOL  Just because I felt so relieved I found a dress I ADORED.  I had tried on so many dresses and all of them felt like they were missing something.  When I put my dress on, I felt like it was perfect and complete. 
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    I have the dress!  I put the dress on for the third time with my mom, sisters, aunite, and closest girlfriend (MOH) and knew it was right.   Once the veil went on it was over!  LOL  My mom and everyone loved it- smiles all the way around! I was comfortable in the dress and it was me!  So, my initial reaction of tearing up was met with pure excitement this time- I did not want to take it off and can't wait to wear it 10/3/10! 

    Thanks ladies
  • greenbean951greenbean951 member
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    It was definitely the smile for me too. I couldn't control it, I had this huge smile pasted on my face from the second I put it on. There were lots of other dresses that I liked and that were pretty, but I just didn't have that reaction with any of those.
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    1) the look on my moms face when i walked out of the changing room  2) it basically fit me right off the hanger....
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    BTW- My two year old nephew was there and as soon as he saw me he said "pretty, I like that"  while giving me a huge smile and walked over to give me a hug.  Sadly, the sample was a 2 and I am a 4P so I could barely bend down to hug him!  LOL
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