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Calling all Newbies!!!

I see that there are a whole bunch of new names out there, so I thought I would do a post to help encompass all that the DE board of the Knot has to offer (hope that's okay, Donna!!)!First off, our moderator is Donna, and she is awesome- no seriously, she's amazing.  If you have any issue or question at all, feel free to page her (that's where you put someone's screenname in the Subject line).  She will help you out with whatever you need!The girls on this board really are amazing and very helpful.  A couple recommendations before you post, though:  scroll down and read through the previous posts to make sure that someone hasn't already asked your question.  Also, while the girls are helpful and usually very nice, they are also trying to be honest- they don't want to give you false advice or hope that could come back to bite you in the buttt.  Please don't take responses too much to heart, and don't get upset if someone says something that you may not agree with.  We are all here to help each other, and differences of opinions will happen.  If you need Siggy help, please visit [url]http://betrothed123.googlepages.com/mainpage[/url] for directions on how to place items in your signature.  Sometimes on the DE board you will see us participating in a "Siggy Challenge".  That's where the board as a whole decides on a topic, and you pick a picture for your siggy that fits that topic.  You can see the example from the latest in my siggy.While this is a wedding board, many of us have become very close, and share non-wedding related happenings on here as well.  Feel free to share something exciting happening in your life!  Also, to liven up the board, we will sometimes play games- quizzes, questions, finish the sentence- which can be lots of fun too!  You will find up and coming brides on here, as well as pros who have already gone through the process.  Take their advice as much as you can- they have been there, done that, and know what works!The DE board also gets together for Get ToGethers (GTGs) every so often.  We will announce it on here, and we will often create a FB event as well.  If you are able to come, please, join us- I know from experience they are lots of fun, and great friendships have been made!Finally, you will see what is called "ROLL CALL" coming up here in a post.  That is where you respond with your name and date, and when the time comes, we will post your name for congratulations from the other girls.I hope that encompasses most of the advice for this board.  If any of the other girls wish to give some, please feel free!  And to all the newbies, WELCOME!!

Re: Calling all Newbies!!!

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