Good but inexpensive caterer?

I've been trying to find a good but relatively inexpensive caterer for my wedding. I'm trying to keep the total cost of the wedding below $3,000. It seems like catering is the one thing that's REALLY trying to blow my budget. Any suggestions for caterers in the Columbus area? I have a guest list of 80. 
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Re: Good but inexpensive caterer?

  • Boardwalkcatering.com (Boardwalk catering by Laura)
    I personally am not using her, but have heard she is good and has really low pricing comparted to other top caterers. 

    Good luck

  • you may want to try somewhere like city bbq or hoggy's
  • Can you DIY it?
    We are doing a DIY dinner for about $500 for 100 people. :)

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  • Old knottie here, but had to recommend my caterer - she worked within the budget we gave her and we STILL have people raving about the food a year later! (and honestly with most caterers you should be able to get under $3,000 for that many people).

    We used Laura's Catering (lauras-catering.com). We had 175 people attend and we weren't much over $3000 (we had pasta chef stations with 2 hors devours and bar setup that included ice, pourers, all mixers and garnishments, glasses and napkins... we just brought the alcohol). I HIGHLY recommend her - Laura was one of my favorite vendors!
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    Wow thanks everyone! I'll check Laura and Boardwalk out. I do love Hoggy's, I might look at them too. I didn't realize they did catering. 

    peachykeen26, I was thinking a DIY kind of set up before, but I'm afraid it will be overwhelming.  Did you recruit friends and family to help with the prep? 
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  • We are using Carfagna's and doing it buffet style. For food only without service its going to be about $600 for 100 people...thats for ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, corn, and green beans. :)
  • I was going to suggest Carfagna's as well!  We aren't using them, but my family has been Carfagna's customers for a long time.  Awesome food. 
  • You have to look off the beaten path to find caterers, I did not want to spend over 5000 for 175, and we are spending around 4500 (service, bartender, food, appetizers, and cake cutting service) Which we are really happy about!

    We looked into Boardwalk catering, Nicoles cafe (which is who we went with), Sandman's Gourmet, Caterer's 3, 

    for 80 people I think you could defintiely get under 3000 with service, if you spend 3000 dollars for 80 people you are looking at 37.50 a person (that is a lot), 

    with nicoles cafe, you can get china, salad, table linens for 10-12 person tables, 3 head table linens, buffet linens, 2 entrees, 2 sides for about 17.95 a person. there are additional fees but not too much, a lot of our add on costs were additional stuff like appetizers and other things.

    so keep looking you can find something!! :) 
  • Clarification: My ENTIRE wedding budget is $3000. Not just the catering.
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