When to register?? an intro..

Hi Everyone...I am not new to this..been reading posts for a little while and had great success in finding shoes for my bridesmaids....but I never introduced myself.I am Erin and I am from Middletown.  I am getting married in July 2010 to my high school sweetheart.  Met when we were 15 and 16.  Fell madly in love.  Broke up a few times...realized this was the one...Could be a Taylor Swift song ha!I am a 2nd grade teacher...and love me job so much.  Searching for houses now and realizing how broke we are ha. But anyway..I enjoy reading all of your chats to each other!  You all seem like great girls!I do have a question....When do we register??  I am thinking January?  What do you think...July wedding.THANKS!

Re: When to register?? an intro..

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    Hey Erin :) Welcome to the DE board! I would recommend registering early Dec if you would like people to Christmas shop off it, if not definately Jan or Feb so itll be done before your shower is planned. Where are you planning to register??
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    Ditto before the holiday seasons. :) We got a fair amount of our items then and it stopped the "what do you want" phone calls ;)
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    We are thinking of registering at Bed Bath and Beyond and Kohls because I want the Racheal Ray orange pots and pans! Thanks for the advice!
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