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Workout at home - Wii style

I've been using the fitness center in my complex pretty regularly (2-5 times a week) depending on my schedule to do cardio and weights.  I wanted to increase my activity because withought doing a drastic diet, I'm struggling to lose the 5-8lbs that I want to lose.

I decided that doing an additional 20min workouts about 3 times a week before work will help, and won't inconvenience me too much.

WELL, I did the boxing training on my Wii yesterday morining and I am sore!  From punching nothing but air!  I guess I worked some muscles in my back/shoulders/arms that I havent been hitting at the gym.

It feels good to be sore, because at least I know something is happening, but I'm just shocked at how sore I am.  LOL

PS- I'm too cheap to buy the Wii Fit that everyone raves about.  The sports package was free with the game console so I'll make due with boxing for a while.

Re: Workout at home - Wii style

  • Santorini2011Santorini2011 member
    edited December 2011

    Try increasing the intensity of your existing workout.  I upped the incline and burned more calories in the same time.  Also, try upping your speed.  I have the Wii Fit Plus but only use it when I can't get to the gym.  It's better than nothing though.

  • edited December 2011
    I cant wait until spring when I can run outside!  There's a track a few miles away that FI and I go to... so much better than a treadmill!
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