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Hi ladies!
I just got engaged last week and we're looking for a venue. We're on a budget and wanting to get married outside but have a reception somewhere that we can move inside if the weather isnt cooperating. I'm looking for something more country and rustic, something within 30 minutes of boise, I'm pretty sure we'll have a large crowd, as in 150-200 people. Any tips would be appreciated!

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    There is Fourth Street Garden, it is in Emmett, but totally worth the drive. And affordable. Also we are getting married at Coolwater Creek, its a little more expensive, but includes EVERYTHING, including a day or coordinator. Also Star have a community barn that is cheap... Hope that helps get you started!
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    Eagle Hills Golf Course. Their policy for inclement weather is very accomodating and they are priced pretty well. Not terribly rustic but not in the middle of town either. The only catch is that you have to use their catering/bar which is delicious but a little spendy.
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    And Congrats on your engagement!!
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    [QUOTE]And Congrats on your engagement!!
    Posted by lindanp[/QUOTE]

    Thanks Ladies!
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