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Hi Ladies! So, I'm getting married next June, currently set for The Grove Hotel in Boise. We really hate the interior space for the ceremony, so I am trying to find a beautiful outdoor space where we can have our ceremony and then our reception will be in the ballroom.
I've read a few posts regarding The Rose Garden and Kathryn Albertson's Park, however, my only turnoff is that we could only have a 'standing ceremony'. Does anyone know of any other downtown locations, or has been to a wedding outdoors downtown? Even if it's at these locations, was it a pain having to stand, possibly in June at 3pm in the afternoon? :)
By the way, I'm planning my wedding from Moscow. We have to go down to Boise next month to figure out our location and book Bliss. Hopefully once I see the locations I will feel better, I'm just bothered by the fact that people will have to stand.
Thanks !

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    I can't think of anywhere downtown besides the parks, but I don't know if they allow chairs.  I know Kathryn Albertson only allows 10.  My friend got married there a couple of years ago and since I was in the bridal party it didn't bother me to have a standing only ceremony, but my mom said that it was really hard to see what was going on. 
    Also, Kathryn Albertson doesn't have electricity so if you wanted music then you have to have a guitar or something like that.

    Good luck!!
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    The CW Moore Plaza is the top of a building so it would be outside. It has a beautiful view. I believe that there is also a CW Moore park.
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    CW Moore does have a deck at the top of the building, unfortunately it is very small, a friend of mine just got married there and there were enough chairs for immediate family and everyone else had to crowd around. I am also set for The Grove Hotel with the ceremony on the terrace and the reception in the ballroom. You can definitely have chairs out there. Hope this helps! :)
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    I just had mine in the rose garden a week ago.  We kept the ceremony incredibly short (20 min) partly because of the lack of seating but more because of the heat.  I had people thanking me at the reception for keeping it so short.  They thanked me because of the heat.  I didn't hear one person say anything about the seating.  There are four benches in the gazebo that confortably fit four or five people each as well as a few benches all around the gazebo, in addition to the ten chairs you can bring in so there is plenty of seating for those who NEED it.  Other than that there wasn't one complaint.

    BTW, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recomend Bliss.  We used them for decorations, invites, flowers, and a coordinator (and a photobooth).  They are WONDERFUL!!!!  and TOTALLY worth it!!!
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    the idaho shakespeare festival theatre would be gorgeous for an outdoor wedding!

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